Any absolute beginner who finished HST?

Discussion in 'Basic Training Principles and Methods' started by Fun_Aka, Feb 4, 2005.

  1. Fun_Aka

    Fun_Aka New Member

    Is there anyone in the forum , who is an absolute beginner in lifting who used HST for the first time they lift? what were your results?
  2. It really doesn't make a difference what training method an absolute beginner uses because an absolute beginner will grow like a weed regardless of what training method used. The results would be comparatively meaningless.
  3. Fun_Aka

    Fun_Aka New Member

    so would you recommend me doing HST? will i grow faster? i've measured my RMs this week. I'm doing SD right now till next 2 weeks.. what would you recommend for me? should i do HST?
  4. Give it a shot.
    What's the worst that could happen? You Grow :D

    Good Luck let us know how ya come along. [​IMG]
  5. Fun_Aka

    Fun_Aka New Member

    hi! i'm planning to do HST for my first ever routine, i'm an absolute beginner in lifting, i've finished finding my RMs for 15s, 10, and 5s.. i'm not gonna write down all the calories i'll be taking(carbs, fat and protein), i'll just try my best to eat clean. I play basketball twice a week so i don't think i need any cardio. I would like to build more muscles in preparation for this summer ;)

    Here are my RMs(converted to lbs) : /15s x 2 sets/10s x 2 sets/5s x 3 sets

    Bench Press(bb) 57lbs 70lbs 84lbs
    Incline DB Press(per arm) 18lbs 31lbs 44lbs
    Bent Over Rows(bb) 48.5 62lbs 79lbs
    DB Shrugs(per arm) 13 26.5 40
    Military Press(db-per arm) 13 26.5 40
    Lateral Raise(per arm) 9 18 22
    BB Curls 26 40 53
    Lying Tri Ext. (db-per arm) 13 18 22

    I'm not doing any squats nor dls coz i have lower back pain atm.. I'll be adding power cleans on my 2nd Cycle. For my lower body workout for the moment, i am doing Air Alert to increase my vertical leap.

    Pls comment or make some suggestions.. :)

    here's a pic of me:
  6. liegelord

    liegelord New Member

    Fun: I'd drop the second set of 15's. I used the typical 15x1, 10x2 and 5x3 in my first cycle and gained 15 pounds. I lost 4 during the SD and gained it back during my 15's (last workout was last night).
  7. Fun_Aka

    Fun_Aka New Member

    were you new in lifting when you tried HST?
  8. liegelord

    liegelord New Member

    No, I'd been lifting for about 15 years. From what I understand though, the 15's are not for growth, the 10's, 5's and negs are. All I get size wise from the 15's is gaining back what I lose in the SD.
  9. McDee

    McDee New Member

    well I'm completly new to lifting and I am in my last 2 sets of the 5's, so 3 weeks left on my 1st plan and I SD.
    I gotta say I have made very good gains. Everyone who knows me says I am alot bigger already.
    I have been training half assed in martial arts since I was 7, but only body weight exercises, and I had slacked way off for the last 8 years or so. Here is what I looked like about 6 months ago.
    I'll add new pics soon as I get them.

    update: May 04
    so I have 1 week left of my negatives and the scales now say I'm 174lbs, since I was about 160 when I started after about 6 monthf of lifting prior to HST I'd say I'm amazed. There are alotta experienced lifters at my work and some of them are now asking ME for advice!

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