Any recent experiences with CLA?

Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by imported_daveguy, Jul 27, 2004.

  1. The threads I found (on here and MFW) about CLA are all pretty old.

    So do any of you have personal experience with CLA and want to report it?

    And is there any recent research on it? Any more news about "liver hypertrophy" or anything like that?
  2. Kiharan

    Kiharan New Member

    I used CLA for one 2-month cycle--6 grams a day. My gains during the cycle were about the same as during other cycles when I didn't use CLA.
  3. Techo

    Techo New Member

    I had the (mis?)understanding that CLA was best for body fat loss - you may have made gains but was your body fat impacted at all?

    Also, don't people react differently to CLA just as some do not get results from creatine?
  4. centris

    centris New Member

    Just started CLA - - - I will keep you informed of results-
    However I have just started my first cycle yesterday with supplements other than Protein. So it will be hard to tell what exactly does what.

    But here is what I am trying this HST Cycle. (btw my first HST Cycle too - so all or nothing I figured)

    1. Creatine - loading first 4 days - then 5g maintenance...
    2. HMB - 3000 mg a day.
    3. CLA - 3000 mg a day.
    4. Whey Protein -

    CLA - I am hoping to see results from the CLA to help me reduce BF while gaining size. I am 6' 2" 194 lbs - measured at 14.6% BF before SD last week (down from 17.9% and 205lbs in 6 weeks) -

    The HMB - I am hoping will just help for recovery mostly especially in the 15s as I am doing them as slow as I can and really trying to get a good burn.

    the Creatine - still a little unsure exactly how it helps after reading all the FAQ's and etc but I know it generally helps bone muscle growth - drinking mixed with water or juice on way to gym and during work out.

    Protein - same as it ever were.
  5. Nemesis7884

    Nemesis7884 New Member

    every user review I have from hmb says its useless even in such high doese as 10-15g/daily

    every study about cla claims that the fatburning and other effects occured remarkably just at high dossages...and this could cause serious side effects - thats just what I read so do not expect too much...

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