Anyone experience too much muscle loss dieting?

Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by VIPER, Apr 30, 2004.

  1. VIPER

    VIPER New Member

    My last cutting cycle was 2 months long and I was pleased with the amount of fat I lost but unhappy with loosing as much muscle as I did. I know muscle loss is common with dieting, but minimizing it would great. It seems that when I do a cutting cycle I loose almost what I gained in one bulking cycle. For example, on average I gain around 1/2'' to my arms while on a high calorie diet, then when I decided to focus on shedding the fat for a different cycle a loose somewhere almost a 1/2''. So, the last bulking cycle I spent gaining it all back and a little more which is good, but does anyone experience the same thing? I also start the dieting somewhat slowly by increasing cardio, and reducing calories gradually. Any suggestions that might help out or is this a common?
  2. KC_Pike

    KC_Pike New Member

    Check out the UD2 by Lyle McDonald...
  3. Bob Evans

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    Where does one find "UD2" :confused:
  4. KC_Pike

    KC_Pike New Member

    Ultimate Diet 2.0, great plan for those dieting to lower ends of bodyfat while trying to preserve and *sometimes* even gain LBM.

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