Anyone follow the Zone?

Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by Epic, Oct 6, 2003.

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    Not sure if this has been discussed yet but I was wondering if anyone has used the Zone diet with HST? I know that the majority of nutritional bodybuilding information points to consuming more calories then the zone recommends – however since December when I began the Zone diet I have not noticed any affect on my rate of muscular gain – either for good or for bad. I have noticed however a significant decrease in bodyfat.
    Due to my level of activity sears recommends .9 grams of protein per pound of lean body mass to maintain my lean body mass. My lean body mass is 185 pounds which (according to sears) means I require 166.5 grams of protein to maintain my size.
    To provide fuel for a theoretical gain of one pound of muscle per month sears recommends adding 7 grams of protein per day over my maintenance requirement. Since 1 pound of muscle (which weighs 454 grams but is made up of 70% water) actually contains about 136 grams of protein Sears advises that adding 7 extra grams per day would be more then enough (7 grams per block x 30 days = 210 grams).
    Are there any thoughts on this?
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    Sears is an idiot :)

    Eat adequate protien, moderate carbs moderate fat, everything else in sears program is technobabble
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    Yeah, I use the Zone because it does make a difference to my hunger levels when eating under maintenance. The protein levels he uses are for Dr Lemmon's data (like everyone else) and seems to work for maintenance.

    The only time I built any muscle tho was eating above maintenance. Add more mono fat (like he says for atheletes) and set your protein at 1 gram per pd/lbm (I actually use 1g per pd/bw) to get your calories up and set the carbs up from there. Expect some fat gain if you want decent muscle growth. I put on 8 pds over a HST cycle but some was fat.

    THe Zone certainly has not built muscle and burnt fat at the same time. But it is a comfortable way to diet.

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