Appetite as a leptin level indicator ?

Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by micmic, Jul 16, 2003.

  1. micmic

    micmic New Member

    Do you know if one can rely on his appetite in order to guesstimate his leptin levels ? If I diet for sometime but don't feel as hungry as I did in previous dieting periods, can I assume that my leptin levels are not low enough yet ? Regardless of my BF level ?
  2. Cliner9er

    Cliner9er New Member

    That is a great question. I am in week 7 of a cutting cycle and my appetite is huge. It is very difficult to stay the course. My guess is leptin is too low with 7 weeks of 2100 calories at 202 pounds.I have a 12 hour refeed on Sundays, but by Tuesday I am starving again.
  3. Aaron_F

    Aaron_F New Member

    I dont think so, while leptin may be the overall controller of it all, all hte other short term indicators of appetite/satiety like cck, ghrelin etc would give too many other factors to enable any real determination of leptin
  4. virtualcyber

    virtualcyber New Member

    I believe monitoring your strength level is better way to gauge your leptin level.

    Assuming that you have been holding all your dietary variables and recovery variable constant, at hypercaloric diet, you know that your leptin level is "relatively" low when you start gaining mostly fat rather than muscle, despite heavy lifting. Similarly, when you cut, you lose mostly muscle rather than fat when your leptin level is low.

    How can one know if one is gaining muscle or not? Easy -- you just monitor your strength gains/losses over a week or so.
  5. Pauly

    Pauly New Member

    Monitoring your strength losses feom week to week is hard to do with HST though because of the load progression and zig-zagging.

    Ive read that a good way is to monitor your rate of fat loss. When this starts to slow down it is an indication that leptin levels are falling. If you were losing 2lbs/week and are now only losing 1lb/week, with everything else the same then youre leptin levels are the culprit. Time for a refeed!
  6. jsraaf

    jsraaf New Member

    Would we ideally need to use measurements and/or skinfold caliper readings?
  7. Pauly

    Pauly New Member

    Fraid so, otherwise you wouldnt know if the weight loss was fat or muscle.
  8. virtualcyber

    virtualcyber New Member

    Agree with Pauly on theoretical fronts. Just hard to do what he says, because the "rate" of fat loss is pretty difficult to measure, unless one is really disciplined about lifestyle.

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