Aspartame, Is it safe?

Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by bandekk, May 6, 2003.

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    I thought this might be a suitable topic for this board.
    I have done some reading on Aspartame recently, as I, and probably most people in the past, have been on a low cal/low fat/low sugar etc.etc diet in an attempt to shed those extras pounds of unwanted fat. What I have seen from most of the food aimed at low cal diets is that it uses Aspartame as the sweetener to make it taste better. Having read lots of information on the internet about this product I have come to the conclusion that its no good for me and I aim to remove it from my diet completely.
    Being a large consumer of the diet cokes etc. I am shocked at the potential health risks this drug potentially causes and have stopped consuming these immediately.
    Some people may not have heard of this drug, but there are other drugs also. Here in the UK, Saccarin(?) is still used as a sweetener, but apparently this has been banned by the FDA in the US due to its links with cancer.
    I'm not an expert on this subject, but thought it was worth mentioning on the board to see other peoples opinions, please dont shoot the messenger ;)
    Get google up and have a look....
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    Aspartame is fine.

    Unless your a rat getting fed vast quantities of it.

    Saccarin is allowed in basically every country in the world. I had also seen a report that the FDA had changed their minds on it, seeing as the rat work was inconclusive.
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    Try and see if you can get Sucralose.

    Aspartame and saccharin play second fiddle to sucralose.
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    While Aspartame is generally safe and there are people who exaggerate big time, I don't believe it is as innocent as manufacturers claim. And I have seen it for myself: When I overdo it with aspartame, I get mild diarrhoea. I have checked this again and again. It doesn't happen with cyclamic or saccharin, but it does with aspartame. And I know at least two persons who claim it gives them migraines.

    Manufacturers have presented at least one false evidence by claiming that aspartame ingestion in normal doses does not raise methanol blood levels. It does.

    This page presents the other side of the moon. Although I believe that many people are overreacting and low doses of Aspartame are generally safe, as with everything else I would suggest to cycle sweeteners.
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    It is generally safe, unless you have PKU, or you are a woman whose child is at risk of having PKU (she'd know it- tests).

    The rest is basically blown completely out of proportion. Don't buy into the sheeple hype.

    I am speaking from a Biologist's standpoint, not some alarmist that is trying find a cause to support so as to avoid the monotony of employment. lol
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    a 150 pound person can have 3700 mg of aspartane. Unless you drink 20 diet Coke's a day, don't worry.

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    Using artificial sweeteners, the best results I have had is with equal and that pink stuff, sacharin(sp) one each in whatever I am using it for. There is a synergistic property that really sweetens well, and actually makes me feel good. Chemicals are like that. Sodium by itself in water explodes. Sodium chloride is abundant in 2/3 of the world's water supply, and the oceans haven't exploded yet.

    So maybe by mixing the 2 you can nullify the issues with the sweeteners themselves. Or maybe not. But you will certainly improve the taste. [​IMG]

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