Atkins Dead at 72

Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by Steve McDermott, Apr 17, 2003.

  1. Steve McDermott

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  2. tai4ji2x

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    very unfortunate. despite his many flaws and incorrect assertions, lots of what he said fundamentally was on the right track towards helping people live healthier. it's even more unfortunate that it looks possible that those in the dogmatic nutrition and medical establishments, along with their agribusiness cohorts, will distort and exploit the circumstances surrounding his demise.
  3. Aaron_F

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    eating low carb makes you slip on ice
  4. tai4ji2x

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    whoops, i got caught in the moment there. [​IMG] what i really should have said was "distort his life and work, especially his infection-induced heart failure from a few years ago". sorry.

    although my mother, who works in the nutrition field, apparently first got word of atkins' injury via a rumor amongst dietitians that he once again probably had a heart attack. the majority of the profession still absolutely hates him.
  5. micmic

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    They'll find something... e.g. "if he didn't overestimate his vitality he would be more careful. Low carb diets cause fogginess."
  6. Aaron_F

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    well, they do, but not if you are on them as long as atkins has been.

    I have seen public health nutritionists, and dietitians at their worst, even opposing research involving the keto diets, and even zone (even voicing "why would ethics committies allow it"). Most havent even read atkins text, and seemingly regurgitate information that they have had been told from someone.
    What they should dislike atkins for is giving people the idea that low carb is any better than any other diet (well, it has one advantage, appeitite suppression in a reasonable number of people who do it).
    Atkins legend will continue to flourish

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