Awesome back video.


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The BACK has become by far my favorite BODYPART to train. There's nothing like it, both for function and for physique.

There are some stupid curls in here too, but the back workout parts are inspiring.
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The guy in the red singlet at 1:43 has no idea how to do a lat pulldown.

Nor does his blank singlet mate at 2:11.

It's always extremely strange to me when guys decide it's time to train topless in publicly accessible gyms.

Good definition obv. Not the biggest backs, or close, but obviously in fantastic shape.
They are pros. Professional physique competitors and pro fitness models. The guy with the goatee has a massive back, pretty obviously not natural either. The other guys are pretty big, but mostly they are just ridiculously lean.

I just thought it was a cool video, at least their physiques look somewhat attainable, unlike the hulks in FLEX for example, which just look inhuman.