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Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by morded, Nov 22, 2002.

  1. morded

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    Hey a few weeks back i was reading in t- mag that barry sears has NEW recs for bb's on the was like 24% protein , 35%carbs and like 45% fat. on a 4000 calorie diet. That was in an article by john berardi in the rundown on some symposium he had been to. Does anyone else know about this and if there is anything to it? I hate it when these guys that are the gurus waffle abit on their protocols..or worse yet, write one thing in their books and then espouse different information at their high-dollar seminars. The truth should be the same wether you paid 30 for a hard back book or went to some all expense paid yatch trip to hear them speak...anythoughts?
  2. vicious

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    I don't know if Barry updated his recs, but it makes some sense from a Zone-point of view.

    Barry is less concerned about 40-30-30 than mantaining 40:30 carb-to-protein ratio. The 35:25 C:p ratio is "about" the same. Because protein (and by extension carb) needs are fixed by LBM, Barry recommends making up the rest of the calories in fat. (This last bit is controversial, though.)

    The more calories you eat, given constant protein intake, the more it's skewed from 40-30-30.

  3. Keebler Elf

    Keebler Elf New Member

    It's not new. It was in the first book :D

    Athletes add up to double the fat, so as Jules said the ratios skew to reflect that. Also, you can add or subtract 1 carb block from each meal, if needed to get the other benefits listed. This reflects the difference in individual biochemistry.
  4. morded

    morded New Member

    Thanks keeb. i must have not noticed that when I breezed through the book in my arrogance assuming i knew intuitively all the minor facets of the program. hey how did you get the little dragon up there? could i put like my hero or maybe the chick off of the cover of neverwinter nights up there? I wil,l adjust as you said and reread the zone. I just thought he had added something in thwe omega zone and then i couldn't find i9t anywhere in that book and got aggrieved.
  5. Keebler Elf

    Keebler Elf New Member

    I have to admit that it is only mentioned one or twice in the first book. Mastering the Zone was when he made major adjustments WRT playing around either side of the .75 p/c ratio. Probably because he had a wider base of subjects to realize that some people just were not getting the benefits.

    Im lovin' it tho. Dieting the last two weeks, eating 500 below maintenance and eating every 4 hours without any hunger.

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  6. morded

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    I have some buddies that attended the last swiss symposium and they said barry sears was smoooth in his presentation, but that alot of things he and berardi said overlaped to some degree. what is the best file form to use when uploading your avatar? most of the ones i have used in the past after scanning photos says that my file is too large.
  7. Keebler Elf

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    I read Beradi's take on the Swiss at T-mag and he said he agreed with Sears mostly except for the post-workout carbs. My plan is to use the Zone at maintenance calories and add in 500 cals worth of carbs post-WO to make up my extra caloric needs. Given that protein synthesis seems to be delayed until glycogen is restored sticking to Barrys post WO suggestion of 1 a one block snack followed by a ZOne meal 2 hours later seems a little crazy [​IMG]

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