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Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by TiredRob, Jan 26, 2003.

  1. TiredRob

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    I decided it's time to start taking diet more seriously. I logged into Fitday, and all seems well, but...

    I don't know exactly what nutrional goals I should be aiming for.

    I'm just after simple figures to aim at, regarding total calories, protein, carbs and fat. Here are my details;

    Weight: 79kg (175lb)
    Age: 35
    Goal: Cutting from 15%bf to 10%bf (Is before summer possible ?)
    Excersise: 3* HST/week (3rd cycle) + 3* 20-30 min cardio (cycling or rowing) + I'm on my feet most days at work

    I think that's all the relevant details, but if more are needed please ask. As I say, I just really wanted a target to aim for, for each of the above areas - I don't think my diet is too far out, and I can change it as required, but I need to know that I'm changing it the right way ;)

    Here's an idea for starters, based on some figures I had from an older website;

    Protein - 175 g
    Carbohydrates - 600 g
    Fat - 50 g
    Total Calories - 3500

    Any good or miles out ? As I say, I'm really not good on this, other than knowing that the protein at least is about right.. Any help much appreciated!


    p.s. I've read scores of posts on this, searches etc, along with the Eating for size article etc, but I still need it in simple terms if possible [​IMG]
  2. Keebler Elf

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    If you can get cut on 3500 cals my hat's off to ya [​IMG]
    Or maybe my metabolism really is shot!

    You have about 150 pounds LBM. Usual place to start is dropping 500 cals from maintainence (~12-15*BW) That is about 2100-2600 cals for you. Then you need to adjust up or down depending on how much you lose over a week. More than 1 pound is risking more muscle.

    Protien = ~1 gr per pound of LBM (150 grams)
    Fat = ~30% of cals (70-90 grams)
    The remainder in carbs.

    Another way = divide cals into 40c/30p/30f or isocalorie split.
    You can devide that equally between all meals or have most of you carbs around workouts (which seems to be prefered by everyone except Barry Sears)

    When weightloss slows and you start craving and getting more hungry it is time to look into refeeds. is a good place to start.
  3. TiredRob

    TiredRob New Member

    Thanks Keeb,

    Yes, I think your estimation of my overall calories required is a lot more reasonable than then figure I quoted [​IMG]

    I'll try aiming for somewhere around the 2100-2600 you suggest, and I'm pretty sure I should lose fat with this - It's a fair bit less than I've been eating up until now, and even then I've been gradually losing fat whilst achieving small hypertrophy gains.. I'm one of those peeps that struggles to gain weight no matter how much I eat, and I expect to lose easier than I gain so I'll give your figures a couple of weeks and see how it goes!

    Cheers :D

  4. mikeh

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    What Keebler said and a link from FAQ

    FAQ diet

    Good luck on your diet,

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