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Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by Cliner9er, Jun 21, 2003.

  1. Mad Amos

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    I think I'm REALLY running out of them this time, so this might do it Aaron...

    Do you mean go lo-cal for an entire week and then a refeed, or could one get away with one day at an ultra-low caloric intake followed by a refeed?
  2. Aaron_F

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    Depends (1$ to lyle)

    If you are doing low carb, I would suggest weekly (minimum) to allow some decent training sessions.

    If you are doing low carb and are very lean, you may need to do more refeeds to alleviate leptin

    If you are doing a higher carb diet normally, then the refeeds should be based around the fat percentage scheme.
  3. boggy

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    I'm just asking for a future cut...
    Say I cut on a normal diet (no low carb but neither a lot ),
    say my maitain. is 2000 and I diet at 1500.
    1)I should then have a refeed with a frequency based upon BF level right?
    2)As I'm still getting a decent amount of carbs from my diet can my refeed simply become a 2500kcal day (still quite clean but without worryng so much about low fat high carb)?

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