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Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by Falco, May 11, 2005.

  1. Falco

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    Suppose someone wanted to use only real food pre & post workout (no supplements), what would be the best foods to choose?

    Pre: Eggs (egg whites) & fruit juice?
    (Quickly digested protein & carbs)

    Post: Oatmeal & yogurt/milk?
    (Complex carbs & slow digesting protein)
  2. Nemesis7884

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    post workout i'd say fruits, or milk...but i think at least post workout shakes are the better option because usually you should eat 1-2 hours later the same amount of food again anyway - this for carbs

    pre workout i'd also prefer simple carbs but oatmeal should be fine if you consume it some time before workout

    as far as protein goes egg whites are probably a good option...i cant think right now of any real food that contains a lot of whey..maybe cheese? milk has a nice amino profile as well...

    a problem you should think about is that if you eat real food, especially if it contains also fat, digesting time goes up also for the other macros - this is what you not really want pre/post workout
  3. Dont_quit

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    cheese has no whey i think; whey is a byproduct of cheese production from milk
  4. your on the right track but youvr got it arse ways around :D

    pre 90 mins prior
    cheese/milk or low fat meat for medium digestion protein
    apple juice for your carbs medium GI carb
    post the second you leave the gym
    eggs about 5 of em fast pro
    50 - 60g sugar to spike insulin
    ppwo 1 hour after pwo
    a whole meal. pro carbs fat / vegetables
  5. Depends on the type of cheese. Most hard cheese does not, as the cheese is made from a seperation of curd (water insoluable milk constituents) and whey (water soluble constitiuents) but cottage cheese does. Cottage Cheese also has the highest value in Amino Acid content than any other common cheese.
  6. Amino Acid uptake can be twice as high during the blood flow increases associated with the workout, therfore it is a good strategy to use a fast acting protein immediately before the workout. To increase the effect of glycogen turnover and create an anabolic insulin spike it is also a good strategy to take a higer GI carb pre workout.

    Post workout nutrition is important also, since the net protein balance is affected by breakdown and intake occurring after the workout it would be a good idea to take some protein after the workout also, a slower acting protein would be advantageous but another fast acting protein can be taken especially if you plan on eating a mixed meal shortly after your workout. A higher GI carb after your workout isn't as important but replacing the carbs over the next 24 hours is, so some good lower GI carbs throughout the remainder of the day would be advisable.
  7. Falco

    Falco New Member

    So to truely get the fast protein before a workout, you really need the whey supplement . . .

    So maybe a plan would be:

    Whey protein mixed w/ water (fast acting protein)
    Glass of Orange Juice (High GI carb)

    Egg White Omlete (fast acting protein)
    Glass of Milk (fast & slow acting protein? + some low GI carbs)

    30 Minutes later:
    Bowl of Oatmeal (Low GI carb)

    Sound about right?
  8. About [​IMG]

    It also stands to reason that your other daily caloric intake be nutritous and balanced. Eat a rainbow, no I'm not talking Lucky Charms, plenty of different colored veggies and fruits. Plus good clean protein sources and some healthy fats.
  9. savagebeast

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    This makes perfect sense to me.

    But a lot of people/sites/supplement companies recommend whey to be used POST-workout because it will get to the muscles faster, allowing them to repair quicker. I know, I know, don't trust everything you read/hear. But why are we right and they are wrong?
  10. Well no one is saying they are wrong, post wo whey supplementation is a good thing, definately better than none. But it just happens that other studies, by the same people who they are basing their recommendation for post wo, have shown that pre WO supplementaion is preferable along with post WO.
    Timing of amino acid-carbohydrate ingestion alters
    anabolic response of muscle to resistance exercise

    Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab
    281: E197–E206, 2001.
    Now what this study tells us, just the highlights
    Now this is just one study, but the results have been duplicated in other studies, so the post workout shake is good, but a quick acting pre work out shake is better. What's the optimum, a pre/post then a mixed meal.

    Plus there is another aspect to this that has been indentified. Which I elluded to earlier. The blood serum (extracellular) not the intracellular level dictates the amount of PS (protein synthesis) therefore having higher concentrations of blood amino acids during the workout is more beneficial over merely having stored amino acids in the muscle cells themselves.

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