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Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by mantica, Apr 19, 2007.

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    After a long bike training session (3-4 hours), which are the best supplements and foods ?
    Is it very different if I'm on a bulking phase or a cutting phase ?

    Thank you

  2. I train upwards of 500km per week, not includiing about 2000 meters of climbing.
    During the ride, I usually drink only water spiked with dextrose.
    After 2 hours, I chomp down some beef jerky.
    Directly after the ride I mix 200g apple/banana sauce(unsweetened) with 22 grams whey and 12 grams amino acid powder. I take a shower, drink a liter of water and then eat dinner.

    My long training rides are usually at 75% my max heart rate which is 195 ( I´m 41 and I hit 460Watts for 2 minutes, after 30 minutes ramping up,  my last test at the local sport diagnostic center, the beauty of doing squats in the off-season)

    For sprint training, which I do once a week and which lasts about 1 hour, I usually eat the same thing afterwards, but in addition 2 or three more bananas. Sprint training is the biking equivalent of max dead lifts, afterwards I literally fall of the bike.
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    <div></div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">and 12 grams amino acid powder</div>

    BCAA amino acids ?

  4. amino acids, all 20
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    Wow, DrP! How do you find the time to do 500k/week? I'm totally envious- if I can get in 200k/week, I'm doing good.
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    Oops- I mean to answer the question. Pre-ride, I drink a pro shake (24g isolates) plus I usually will have eaten before, so I already have carbs, fats, and pro (slow release, though) on board. When I get back (3-4 hours later), I either eat a full meal or down a cup of cottage cheese with maple syrup or other sweet stuff (apple butter is good). Basically I use a similar regimen for lifting, except more carbs pre and post. I also keep an energy bar in my bag for about halfway through, although I seldom have to use it- it's just there as a portable sag wagon for my metabolism [​IMG]
  7. <div>
    (Jake @ Apr. 24 2007,11:39)</div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">Wow, DrP!  How do you find the time to do 500k/week?  I'm totally envious- if I can get in 200k/week, I'm doing good.</div>
    1. I wake up at 5 am, and get on my bike, and ride for two hours
    2. I go once or twice after work.
    3. On the weekend I usually get in at least 250 k alone.
    4. due to our jobs, I am only seeing my family everyother weekend. My wife and children live about 300 km south of me. It sucks, and it is only for one year.
    5. I am obsessed.
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    [​IMG] #5 is pretty obvious! Sorry you're having to be away from the fam- I have a friend in Germany who's doing that.

    What do you ride?

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