Bio Force w/HST

Discussion in 'Home Exercise Equipment' started by tdsong, Jan 8, 2007.

  1. tdsong

    tdsong New Member

    Ok, I've seen and read people's views on the Bowflex, so what's the word on the BioForce machine and using it w/ HST training methods?
  2. bgates1654

    bgates1654 New Member

    Garbage. Go get a 300lb barbell set from a sporting goods store. Then all you have to worry about is finding something to do chin ups on (easy), squats (not so easy, but atleast you can do deadlifts), and bench with (easy). Much cheaper unless you get one hell of a power rack. You cant outgrow them because all you have to do is go grab another couple of 45s and you are set for a good while. Very cheap upgrade too.

    Order Starting Strength too while you are at it.

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