Biotest praises Micellar as superior,is this true?

Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by imported_foozballking, Nov 26, 2004.

  1. I just an article to announce Biotest's new micellar protein

    Here's some of their claims that I found intersting:

    -micellar is more anabolic than whey
    -only the original Met-Rx protein had any significant micellar protein amounts
    -micellar in milk is destroyed when milk is processed

    Is any of this true?
  2. Aaron_F

    Aaron_F New Member


    tmag are a hypocritical bunch of tossers..

    earlier articles in tmag were claiming added ingredients in the first batch of met-rx... probably as much as a load of *** as the concept that they were full of steroids..

    met-rx wasnt magic, micellular isnt magic

    casein in general is more 'anabolic' than whey anyway.. in a sense, but it gets clouded slightly

    more later when I can be bothered...

    but the funny thing is lonnie has been dropping wee hints about how wonderful micellular is to prime hte people to suck up the garbage when spilled.
  3. Dianabol

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    Dear foozballking,

    To reply your questions in specific:

    -micellar is more anabolic than whey

    Well, as Aaron_F had said, casein is generally more "anabolic" than way, in the sense that, it has a slower gastric clearance by this token drip-feeds your muscles, so to speak. Read somewhere about a lower rate of amino-acid influx resulting in less deamination and eventually, more aminos getting to your muscles. Whey on the other hand has a faster gastric clearance than casein and this could mean less of a drip-feed to your muscles and this is less anabolic. Then again, you could take small doses of whey throughout the day to maintain constant blood levels of amino acids. You could also take milk, meat, eggs and cheese and these ought to be relatively slower proteins than whey too. At the end of the day, "anabolism" in a dietary sense is a question of calorie and protein sufficiency. In this regard, protein adequacy combined with caloric surplus is perhaps, the most anabolic thing you could do. Protein sources would then, become less important.

    -only the original Met-Rx protein had any significant micellar protein amounts

    The original Met-Rx is something of an old product, and I don't really see it on the shelves anymore. Still, being superceded doesn't necessarily mean it is inferior, but a question of product life cycle in the increasingly dishonest supplement industry. I doubt the protein structure really matters anyway, since all proteins gets digested and whatever structure it might have had prior to digestion would be lost and if such special structure remained, the risk of allergy could be very high. If we must worry about protein structure, perhaps, we should ponder its relevance to gastric clearance. Then again, if you had a shot of protein every few hours, the issue of protein speed becomes much less relevant.

    -micellar in milk is destroyed when milk is processed

    This must be something to do with pasteurization and homogenization perhaps. I could be wrong. Then again, there is much controversy over drinking milk, and there also is controversy over raw milk vs processed milk etc. The dairy industry is a powerful, corrupt lobby and when we are talking billions of dollars and the livelihood of many farmers, research often becomes a question of the the piper playing the tune he/she was paid to play. My question is this - before micellar protein was discovered, what did people consume to get protein? Meat, milk, eggs, cheese, fish and even, vegetables. I would go as far as to say that, a quality whey, milk or egg protein powder would suffice if we wish to employ a source of convenient protein that is free of fat and carbohydrates. And if we want to be pedantic about it, we could go with HSN:primer and Driver but anything more would be a rip-off.

    I hope this addresses your concerns in whole or in part. Feel free to clarify any issues. We are all here to help :)

    Godspeed, and happy HSTing.
  4. BoSox

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    sorry to intercede but what is controversial about drinking milk?
  5. Nothing, milk is a good source of Protein but it does have the drawback of the carbohydrates (if watching your carbs) and for those who are lactose intolerant. I personally drink a buttload of skim milk. :D

    And although not as directly answering Foozballking's questions as I think Aaron and dianabol answered those already. IMHO, I think timing is the most important part of the equation, much more crucial than whether it is Micellar, Hydrolyzed or whatever.
  6. Old and Grey

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    Biotest also highly touted their "patented" gene blocker, Myostat, and then quietly stopped its manufacture without mentioning that it was all a load of hype. The only thing that grew from that was Tim Patterson's wallet. Most, but not all, of their other products are useless as well. I just don't like fakes, phonies and frauds. :mad:
  7. Aaron_F

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    they had to discontinue it so they avoided being around when the negative research came out that showed they were full of it...

    and there is research

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