bloating during SD -- Carb related?

Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by imported_elle11, Jun 17, 2003.

  1. I've noticed that every time I SD I have an episode of extreme bloating with nausea. This lasts a few days and i can't seem to associate it with any particular food. My diet will change from small meals 5 or 6 tmes a day relatively moderate CHO during my HST cycle -- to somewhat higher carb, higher fat 3 meals during SD. Anyone else have this problem?
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    there was a thread a little while back linking bloatedness to a higher carb intake than accustomed to. Other than that, i can think of a reason.
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    I will make a couple of generalizations

    Lets see,

    if you were eating 6 meals, with 50g of carbs each, thats 300g total, spread out nicely each day.

    If you go during SD to 400g and split that into three meals, its a total of 133g/meal. (even if you dont change total intake, thats 100g/meal)
    It takes a small while for the body to uprate enzymes for digestion of carbohydrates, and extra fat per meal will be slowing transit time slightly. So it maybe causing the bloating that way. If any of the carb is managing to get past the upper intestine to the lowr intestine before digestion, this may be the probelm (have gas? [​IMG])

    Short term changes lead to problems, especially if you have been low carbing for awhile, then dump in a bolus of carbs. Make sure you drink HEAPS of water as well. (about 1litre for every 60-100g carbs). I know it seems a lot, but it dilutes the entire meal so you dont draw fluid from the body into the bowel (more bloating and GI distress.
  4. Thanks for the replies -- I think that carbs are the definite culprit. Something like a dumping syndrome type reaction is happening pulling excess fluid into my gut. Not to be too graphic, but I have no gas associated with this problem. Just looks like I am around 5 months pregnant!

    I was ready to go to the GI doc (which may not be such a bad idea anyway just to be sure) but my rampant consumption of carbs during SD has got to be the problem. My last SD included a week at Captiva Island, FL with lots of fun, sun and Key Lime Pie. I take a break from diet as well as lifting for SD! [​IMG]

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