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  1. monster

    monster New Member

    Hi Folks,
    I was reading about calculating my BMR at
    but didnt see it mention if the calculation is performed on LMB or FM, i would pressume LMB but i could be wrong so just want to make sure.

    Obviously i need to loose this high % of body fat without stripping away too much muscle that i already have.

    So im either going to be based on 130kgs @ 45% BF

    130kgs * 24 * 1.2 + 500 = 4244

    seems alot for someone already overweight.

    Can someone shed some light here please, thanks.
  2. Since Fat is passive, you should base it on your (FFM) Fat Free Mass or (LBM) Lean Body Mass, whichever initials you like better.
  3. Aaron_F

    Aaron_F New Member

    Fat is not passive

    but to the OP,

    depends on the equation

    That one is based around LBM i think
  4. Your saying it's not passive in the sense that there is no to very little metabolic energy use in preservation of adipose cells?

    Please explain [​IMG]
  5. Aaron_F

    Aaron_F New Member

    Adipose is a rather active tissue, at rest adipose and muscle are not a huge amount different (in terms of contribution to RMR (3 vs 6kcal per lb from later research). Remember, adipose does not just sit there, its in a constant state of flux.

    muscle has an advantage in that energy use ramps up during activity, but this is not calculated into RMR :)
  6. Thank you, I am glad I asked you I was not aware of that, I knew you would know. [​IMG] I knew about the constant change, either using or storing, but I fiqured it like a battery on a trickle charge, using very little energy.

    So, and not to bug the piss out of you, but wouldn't it still be best to use FFM when doing these calculations. That way you are not looking at the energy needs of the already stored fat, especially during cutting?
  7. Aaron_F

    Aaron_F New Member

    in certain situations using FFM can create a too small an estimate of BMR, for a lean person it wont matter (it will fall within the error of bmr anyway)

    i like the accuracy of including fm
  8. monster

    monster New Member

    wow interesting stuff there guys, so in my situation what would i be doing the calculations on?

  9. Calkid

    Calkid New Member

    If you're really at 45% bodyfat why on earth would you be eating to gain? Your long-term health is already at risk.
  10. monster

    monster New Member

    yes calkid its true mate well according to the machine it is? its the one you stand on and has 2 metal plates at the bottom of each foot that send some electronic pulses through your body and works it out from there.

    Like us all i guess i want the gain muscle mass and loose the blubber so in order to gain muscle i goto eat, correct?

    Unless i have it all mixed up [​IMG]
  11. VIPER

    VIPER New Member

    Was wondering the same thing myself!

    Hmm... I understand that muscle gain is pretty exciting and has it's benefits BUT if that machine is correct I would focus your nutritional needs to lower your bodyfat first. That is just my opinion though. Lowering your bodyfat % can be just as fulfilling as increasing LBM let alone that it could provide future health benefits. Sure you don't get to eat quite as much but it's worth it in the end, to me atleast. It's incredible when you start leaning out and seeing all the muscle stand out more. Good luck with whichever you choose!

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