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    DKM, Old & Gray, Anyone
    I’m sure this has been answered a thousand times before ..but,…
    Protein Requirement for growth
    Brian’s “Eating For Size
    On this my second cycle.
    I’m going to pay more attention to my eating habits and try to eat correctly. Diet and me have never been as good as I would like it to be.
    First when reading Brian’s “Eating For Size “. He states to eat one gram of protein for every pound of body weight. Is this just a maintenance amount or an amount to provide for growth? I assume is for growth. What else could it be?
    I just like to know for sure .
    In the calorie formula he increase the caloric intake to complement future growth.
    However, about the protein he states,
    “Try to get 1-gram protein per pound of bodyweight”.
    (The body weight you want to be? Or the weight you are now ?)
    It seems to me that you would do the same thing with the protein as you did with the calories and increase them above the BMR as well.
    I’m assuming you must, but I am not sure exactly how much.
    I’m thinking (I know that’s very dangerous for me but,) instead of 1 gram per pound of body weight maybe 1.2 – 1.5 grams PBW ?.
    I gain fat real easy so I’m very cautious of my caloric intake.
    I’ve done bulking cycles in the past, but the collateral fat that I put on that was very hard to get off. Easy to put it on and a hell of a hard time to get it off.
    Please keep this in mind.
    Thanks in advance
    The Idiotic Imbecile who is “Out of it”
    Doesn’t that have a nice ring to it! :)
    I want to thank Baby A and Yshemesh for all their support. [​IMG]
    Closed Caption for the HST impaired.
  2. Old and Grey

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    If you are trying to add 5 or 10 pounds, your body won't recognize that small a difference in protein. However, if you're trying to gain 50 pounds, then I would increase the protein as well. In betweem 10 and 50? I guess I would increase it. However, I find if I go over my bodyweight in protein, I tend to get the protein farts so I rarely go over about 185 grams.
  3. Sonny

    Sonny New Member

    Thanks for your reply .
    About the farts . I'll just blame it on the dog. :D

    One other thing .
    After wo yesterday on the 15's I came in and measured and my
    right Bi was up 1/4inch from the week( 9 days) before .
    Therefore, on the pump the right bi is at 17.
    When I started HST 2 months the right was 15 3/4+-.
    That is a 1 1/4 inch in just a little over 2 months ...
    Haven't made gains like that in years .
    I'm becoming a believer in the principles more every wo.
    The 15's seem to give me better results than the 10's or 5's.
    I might think about 18,13,8’s after I give it more research to see if it might be more beneficial for me .
  4. Old and Grey

    Old and Grey Super Moderator Staff Member

    Great results Sonny. I enjoy the 15's because I love the pumped upo feeling they give me. For legs next cycle, I am going with a 20, 15 and 10 rep scheme and see if that won't get these drum sticks growing.
  5. Sonny

    Sonny New Member

    I think you are on to something for us advanced Bodybuilders. ;)
    Tongue firmly planted in cheek. Ahh Humm !
    I really don’t think that the same thing holds true for us as it does for the guys in there forties and younger . Not exactly , somewhat ? Yes! but, exactly ? No!
    After you hit the big 5-0 and beyond things don’t work the same as they use to .
    No! O& G that muscle works just find its the other muscles that I had in mind.
    I would like to read more research on the Hypertrophy for the guy over 50 .
    Maybe we need to rearrange the thinking somewhat to best suit our needs.
  6. Brak

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    I don't know Sonny. I'm into my last week of 5s on my first cycle and I also had the best results during my 15s. I went from 180 to 190 during the 15s and a little of that was fat. For the past three weeks, two weeks of 10s and a week of 5s, I think I have gained a total of one pound. I am starting to lose the faith that my immediate 10lb gain gave me. But maybe for some of us the 15s just work better than the others (btw, i am 34). Maybe it has to do with zig-zag. In my 15s I had a steady increase from the bottom to the 15rm increasing weight every workout. But with the 10s and now the 5s I do not add weight every workout, only every other workout (to reduce zig-zagging).

  7. zoomz

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    I always enjoy O&G's feedback; I guess we are all different make up wise, I am on my first week of 5's 1st cycle and have seen better definition and size as a progression with HST. Not one cycle being better than the other, they all have a purpose. Some numbers I have been inputing:

    Sept 27'04 159.8 8.7%bf Started 15's
    Oct 4'04 158.4 8.8%
    Oct 11 162 9.1% Started 10's
    Oct18 159.6 8.4%
    Oct 25 161 8.2% Started 5's

    Doing a AM/PM 3x week 9 exercises, 2x15, 2x10's and 4x5's
    Use the Eating for size so right now approx. 2750calories and a little over maintenance on off days. Looking for 175-180 by next summer. Just doing cardio on Thursdays for 20 min.
    This program is awesome.
  8. 1 gram per Lb is all that is needed for most, there are several studies that show you can grow with even less, but they are referring to an amino acid concentration and even the best Protein Supplement isn't the same as aminos. Also understand it is just like anything else you need to monitor and see if it is meeting your needs. In your case that would be about 210 grams of protein each day, quite a bit of protein, but better to have enough than not, you'll just excrete out what you don't use anyway, so no harm if you decide to take more.

    I honestly feel timing is more of the issue. You definitely need it before and after workout, along with your carbs pre workout, you can hold off on the carbs for about an hour or so after your workout but don't wait too long, you 'll miss the window of opportunity.

    You may also use 1 gram to 1 kg of LBM, to help minimize fat accumulation, read the FAQ on Diet, Bryan mentions this there, but you need to know your FFM, so 1 GM/Lb is easier to work with.
  9. BoSox

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    this is what I don't understand. a gram per pound OR a gram per kg of LBM? The latter is about half of the former. I don't get that...
  10. If your trying to gain, use the 1g/Lb, if your cutting use the 1g/Kg of FFM this will help keep enough aminos around to prevent amino breakdown for fuel.

    For simplicity sake, use the 1g/Lb
  11. BoSox

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    I see. A gram per kg of lean mass is really enough to maintain a good amount of muscle while cutting? When I cut, I go extra heavy on protein (or at least try to.)

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