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Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by pete69, Nov 30, 2004.

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    A while back you made a statement that said that when one uses an ultra-low carb diet for long periods of time, the body starts storing fat instead of burning it since fat becomes the only fuel source available. How is this possible on a hypocaloric diet?

    I've read that below 50g carbs per day can impair thyroid function in some people, although I doubt this is the case if adaquete protein is eaten since some will be converted to glucose through gluconeogenesis.

    I asked Lyle about the above comment and he doesn't believe this is possible, even on a zero carb keto-diet, if calories are reduced fat will be lost and not stored. Just looking for clarification and/or research to support that this is possible. I've been feeling great eating near zero carbs most days, workouts are fine, but if this is potentially slowing fat loss i'd like to know.
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    If youve spoken to Lyle, you must be familair with the targeted ketogenic diet. If you want to gain muscle, but have difficulty staying lean (I assume you do), then this is the ticket.

    It is good that you are weight training (HST presumably). Unfortunatley, your low carb eating style is not going to go well with weight training. Weight training is going to rely on muscular and hepatic glycogen primarily. Do you plan on making that glycogen with fat and protein?

    After workouts, it is well known that high glycemic carbohydrates (along with protein) are extremeley conducive to anabolic activity. They'll cause a huge release of insulin (insulin being an anabolic hormone) in a time of high insulin sensitivity. With your low carb diet, you are neglecting an otherwise magical period of time in bodybuilding.

    The 2 times, before and after workouts, are seriously the only times you are going to need carbohydrates in the day. This is called the targeted ketogenic diet. You'll eat carbs before and after weight training. Consider it a brief interruption in your low carb lifestyle. This diet will not compromise your weight training, plus it will allow you to stay lean.

    You were also scared that if the body saw only dietary fat all the time, then it would start saving it instead of using it. Obviosuly since you will eat carbohydrates now (before and after training), your body will not be faced with that issue since it is seeing dietary carbohydrate.

    Try this out. Before workouts, 75-100g complex carbs should do the trick. The same amount, but more high glycemic is good after. I even drink a small amount of soda mixed in with my water during workouts to keep blood glucose through the roof for energy.

    Do not be scared of these high amounts of carbohydrate. Quantity is not the issue here. What is is time. If you feed on carbohydrate throughout the day, then obesity and diabetes lays in your future. If you feed on it before and after workouts, there will be no problem. This leaves you to feed on fat and protein throughout the rest of the day.

    I was just getting fat recently because i was eating terrible. I've implemented the TKD diet again recently and my problem was solved instantly
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    And dont worrry too much about fat loss being slowed. Your metabolism is probably like mine, very slow. Its probably very easy for you to get fat, and impossible to lose weight. Im in the same boat here. Im telling you right now that the only chance guys like you and me have is to add as much muscle mass as humanly possible since new muscle raises the metabolism and insulin sensitivity dramtically.

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