Calorie cycling - balance on w/o and off days

Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by leonardopm, Jul 29, 2014.

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    For my 5th cycle (bulk) I found that my average caloric intake for bulk should be around 3500 kcal (37yr old, 6' tall and currently 213lb). I have a desk job and train 3 times a week. I took 3000 kcal as being my maintenance.

    I'd been cycling calories in the earlier cycles, going on 3600kcal on w/o days and 3200 on off days (I train early in the morning).

    I've been reading a lot about fasting protocols and so but honestly I don't think I can handle such procedures, I have stomach issues and spreading my meals helps in the problem. Anyway I thought that it'd be beneficial to concentrate my intake a little more around my training.

    So I was thinking of going around 4000 kcal on training days and 3000 on off, trying to reach at least 1000 kcal following the workout. I believe this would help although the idea of eating at maintenance on off days bothers me.

    Want to hear opinions on this approach. Thanks.

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    Cutting through the details of homeostasis here, but you build muscle AFTER you've trained it. I would prefer you work on a 24-hr period of post-training and pre-training, instead of focusing on when you sleep and wake up.

    4,000kcal after training and 3,000kcal before will suit you much better than eating a bunch of calories on the day of your workout, even though your workout might be at 6pm (for instance).
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    Your advise is sound. In my case I believe that I don't need adjustments. I train 8am and except for the breakfast (that's before training) all other meals are post training, so if I eat 800kcal for breakfast (usual) I target to eat 3200kcal during the rest of day (post training!) and plus the 800kcal from the breakfast the day after I reach my 4k in a 24 hour Window after training.

    In fact I use a daily frame only for control since I found an excellent app for iPhone that will function by day and not by time frames.
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    Training in the morning is fine for 'on day calories' and 'off day calories', obviously the 24hr window works in conjunction.

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