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Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by Greenlantern11B, May 27, 2011.

  1. Greenlantern11B

    Greenlantern11B New Member

    should I just eat carbs on days i work out(i work out in the mornings m,w,f)

    or eat carbs all the time

    or continue my low carb stuff....

    i feel tired doing low carbs...and weaker but i look better...

    i need suggestions
  2. DeMello

    DeMello New Member

    im a certified sports nutritionist, and theres no 100% right answer for this....
    its really personal preference and needs to be based on your goals

    IMO you should cycle your diet

    for example, when i cut weight for a fight i reduce carbs but when im lifting and trying to get bigger i eat as many carbs as i can

    Or just try to stick to a balanced 40/40/20 ratio

    but this is one of those things where 10 different people will likly have 10 different opinions
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  3. Greenlantern11B

    Greenlantern11B New Member

    that'd be good but i want to look good all the time while getting bigger.
  4. Brixtonian

    Brixtonian Active Member

    Dont we all...
    Sounds like you need a magic pill then...!

    Seriously, have you looked at carb cycling? Basically, eat high carbs on w/o days, and low carbs on rest days. Protein high/medium high consistantly.
    I am on an Intermittent Fasting diet at the moment, and following these principles.

    Research carb cycling on google for some ideas

  5. Greenlantern11B

    Greenlantern11B New Member

    thanks. i'm going with the carbs up to 24hrs after i workout and little-no carbs til the next workout session.
  6. Greenlantern11B

    Greenlantern11B New Member

    Brixtonian can you explain that diet in simple terms. I'm going to start low carbing in january so im extra sexy when I get back to the states! HOLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! hopefully this eating method(carbs up to 24hrs after workout) will pay off...
  7. nesan

    nesan New Member

    From what i have read, the best times to eat carbs is with a PW shake and PW meal. I heard that the first meal of the day should be high in carbs also, but im not sure of this, or why it would be important.
    that's not always the best time, but it's surely the most anabolic time to increase potential muscle mass.

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