Creatine/Whey Questions for you guys !

Discussion in 'Anything and Everything about dietary supplements' started by Louno, Apr 1, 2004.

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    so as i start my first hst cycle , im going to load creatine.

    I weight 140pounds ~ 63kg.
    For loading, dose should be 0.3gram x kilogram bodyweight :
    ~so 19gram

    Maintenance should be 0.03gram :
    ~so 1.9gram

    Q For loading :

    1. When do i take the creatine ? 4x5gram during the day ? or 2 time a day ? I was thinking like 10gram before workout, and 10g after workout ?

    Q For maintenance :

    2. Do i take it even on off days ? ( i go to the gym 3 time a week) Or maybe i could take 3g or 4g, 2g pre + 2g post on workout days and none on off days ? this seems good to me instead of 2gram everyday (2gx7days)?

    3. Is it good to take it pre and post workout ? or should i just take it all pre ? what is best?

    Now... for proteins...
    I think my BMR is as follow :
    140x11x1.1= 1694calories
    I think to grow you need to target 16xbodyweight(140) : so 2240 for me.

    Now i should eat 1g of protein/pound (140gx4=560calorie )

    4. So everyday ill have to take 140g of protein ?
    what percentage of this should come from whey protein supplement ? and how do i split it? 2 drinks ? pre + post ?

    5. Could you tell me what are the best way to mix creatine+whey ?
    A) Water + creatine + whey.
    B) Grape juice + creatine + whey.
    C) Milk + creatine + whey.

    I was thinking B, is it ok if my pre and post workout drinks are the same ?

    should i add some sugar ? i dont remember where but i read that you could add sugar for better results.

    Also some people suggest that you heat up youre grape juice in the microwave, then add the creatine, this will make it dissolve better and then add some cold juice to cool the drink.

    Is there anything else id want to add in these pre/post drinks?

    So thanks for any answers you might give, i know there is alot of stuff , sorry :confused:
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    Honestly, you are just thinking about all of it TOO much. To make things simple, make sure you get 20g of creatine for the first 5 days of loading, and then take a maintnance dose of 5g everyday, regardless of whether you train on that day or not. Always take it before your workout. Some people take a dose before and a dost post workout, but it won't really make any noticeable difference. As for protein, yes, you do need at least 140g a day. Always get a least 1g per lb of bodyweight. This is important. As far as what percentage of that should come from whey, there is not really an answer. Always down a whey shake mixed with your creatine before your workout. Yes, ideally you need to take some kind of carbohydrate in your shake pre workout, juice is OK. A lot of guys use dextrose or maltodextrin, which you can find at pretty much any health food store. Other than that, you can decide for yourself how much should come from whey. Personally, I don't think drinking a lot of shakes can substitute for good ol' meat, and a lot of it.

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