1. MicroBerto

    MicroBerto New Member

    From what I know and from what I've read from creatinemonohydrate.net's creatine guide, creatine vs. caffeine produces no ill effects, and the creatine is still used. Only one study's ever shown that caffeine negates creatine, and no other studies back it up.

    However, caffeine itself is a diuretic, and from what I understand about that, it increases the excretion of water. That alone may give you less volume. However, the strength gains from creatine remain.

    Although I'm not sure, caffeine is very addictive and I avoid it unless I seriously need a boost before going out or before working out. I don't want to get hooked on that stuff, or anything for that matter.

  2. Brixtonian

    Brixtonian Active Member


    that'll be the study I read then [​IMG]

    I'm aware that not everyone responds well to creatine, and, after a few years of trying different approaches with the stuff, I'm begining to think that it must be me?

    The caffeine stacking comes from the days when I needed as much of a kick up the @$$ as possible, pre-workout.
    And, now, it's more of a habit!

    Thanks anyway Berto.

  3. arcturus

    arcturus New Member

    Hi Brix, I do the same thing. And it seems, according to Bryan's post, that it would be appropriate so that the uptake regulators are re-sensitized before beginning another HST cycle.
    Luck and Peace
  4. arcturus

    arcturus New Member

    Brix, this is the post I was referring to. Sorry I am such a techno-dope and couldn't figure out how to post both quotes in one reply. [​IMG]
    Luck and Peace
  5. Cliner9er

    Cliner9er New Member

    I have started up on creatine again. Does anyone experience any bloating or water retention with this? This is the first time that I am lean enough to really notice a difference. :D . I feel I sm getting adequate uptake. I am doing a long load with a 3 pound weight gain in week 3 now. Thanks.
  6. JimmyV

    JimmyV New Member

    I take it before.
  7. mikeh

    mikeh New Member

    YES ... :mad:

    Although it could also be the extra carbs.

  8. jsraaf

    jsraaf New Member

    Bryan mentioned something interesting about water & creatine in this post on HS:cre saying that diet/calorie intake had more influence than water intake.
  9. Ashil

    Ashil New Member

    ok, what if you do an AM/PM split??

    Lets say you take 10g a day (most anyone takes, i expect!)

    Do you... a) 5g pre AM, 5g pre PM
    b) 5g post AM, 5g post PM
    c) 2.5g pre/post AM, 2.5g pre/post PM

    Would the small dosages in c) still be effective?
  10. Steve McDermott

    Steve McDermott New Member

    A. It's best to take it pre workout.
  11. With creatine, the dosage is not relevant at all. What matters is the creatine level in the muscle -- that will affect your workout and results, not the creatine you take on that day.

    As you take it, the level of creatine inside your muscle cells builds up towards a max load. Taking a maintenance does keeps it topped off.

    So it makes no difference whether you take it 5g at once, 2.5g twice, or 1g five times. . . with the caveat that uptake into the muscle will be better if it's available in the blood at the time when the muscles are most receptive (i.e., workout and recovery time.)

    And if you're consuming enough to maintain the creatine level, an excess will not really help. The excess in your blood today will flow around and pass. It's the supplemental creatine which you consumed over the past few weeks, which is alreayd in your muscle cell, which will make a difference today.
  12. ZMT

    ZMT New Member

    from Lyle
    "Pre-workout creatine isn't going to affect much/if anything at that workout" (more Glutamine with creatine)
    so does it really matter when one is taking creatine or not ? :D
    maybe not but just to let me know :D
  13. BoSox

    BoSox New Member

    it doesn't really matter, as long as the creatine saturation levels stay topped off in the muscle. It doesn't work the same way as protein.
  14. im guessing that after your muscles are loaded, taking the creatine either pre or post workout is good enough to keep them topped off.
  15. EctoSquat

    EctoSquat New Member

    posted, but then deleted...
  16. Willem

    Willem New Member

    I take it before workout (2 gram). Apparently it doesn't have any ergogenic effect during that workout, but typical all my workouts with creatine up front are always better than when I forget to take it... (something placebo probably, but I don't mind)

    After a couple of weeks after the heavy weeks are over I quit taking it for a while (because I take it only on training days this goes automatically during SD). Then I start training again and don't start taking creatine until workouts get too difficult.

    (I must say that I don't do standard HST anymore, I've been using a more undulating approach with a more gradual increase in intensity, so I don't have a heavy workout every two weeks, but after a week of 4, so it takes a little longer before I restart the creatine)
  17. BIZ

    BIZ New Member

    Just an update to this thread. I saw that I posted in it a long time ago and have since changed my position on creatine ingestion. I take it before training and that's it. Research has pointed to that being the best time to take it, as well as protein. And because bryan says so... ;)

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