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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by Paul Brewer-Jensen, Nov 3, 2012.

  1. Paul Brewer-Jensen

    Paul Brewer-Jensen New Member


    FCGDL 315 x 6
    full high bar back squats 185 x 8
    hack lunges 110 x 6
    3CPU 52.5 x 5
    full CG pullups 27.5 x 5

    I started out trying to do overhead squats but kept dropping the bar after one or two reps with the work weight. Due to my physical retardation and after cursing myself soundly, I switched to going for a set of back squats instead. All of the other exercises went well.
  2. Paul Brewer-Jensen

    Paul Brewer-Jensen New Member


    I feel like I'm falling off the load progression wagon a little bit because I did crossfit type workouts the past two mornings. I have a slight addiction to DOMS, so every once in a while I get an overwhelming desire to "blow out the cobwebs". I was successful. I have lots of sore muscles. I am planning to get back on the wagon this afternoon. It will be interesting to see how it goes in the face of more than usual DOMS.
  3. Lol

    Lol Super Moderator Staff Member

    Hey Paul,

    Nice log. I've forgotten what it's like not to be sore! Haha.

    What caused you to dump the bar with the OHS's? 185 is a decent load for OHS's, especially for a set of 8, if that's what you were hoping for. Was it the load itself or a balance issue? I've been working on my bottom position to help with my rubbish snatching. I probably should be doing some heavier OHS's as my shoulders need toughening up.

    For your deads, what's 'Full Close Grip'? I'm used to seeing things like Clean Grip and Snatch Grip, but your description has me wondering. :) I tend to use a clean grip for deads most of the time, with an occasional reverse grip, but I like snatch grip deads too due to the increased ROM.
  4. Paul Brewer-Jensen

    Paul Brewer-Jensen New Member

    11-25-12 midday fed and getting back on the wagon

    FCGDL 320 x 6
    high bar bucket back squats 195 x 8
    hack lunges 115 x 6 right and left
    3CPU 55 x 5
    full CG pullups 30 x 5


    The bar dumping was probably mostly a balance issue, but it's all good. I plan to continue on with high bar back squats so as to continue the load progression on my legs. It's mostly my vanity that got me started with the overheads with this cycle. I like the way the overheads affect my side delts (gotta have barn door delts, Man). Side delts are not much compared to quads and adductor magnus tho. The weighted pushups hit the front delts well enough and the close grip full DLs hit the rear delts well, so I could just settle for incline side delt raises instead of the overheads... or not.

    The full DLs might also be called deficit DLs. I stand on a little platform that puts my ankles at bar height when the 45's are on the bar. I grab the bar with a hook grip and elbows between my knees at the start position. So my feet are wider than my hands and a little wider than shoulder width. It looks like a full range of motion narrowish sumo DL. So, there you have it. I do deficit narrowish sumo DLs. If you can think of a shorter name for them I'd like to hear your suggestion.

    Happy lifting,
  5. Paul Brewer-Jensen

    Paul Brewer-Jensen New Member

    11-28-12 AM after a big breakfast of 10 eggs scrambled with a stick of salted butter washed down with a large mug of plain black coffee and lots of water.

    I started this workout with overhead squats. I wanted to revisit this exercise at the beginning before I did DL's. Ya know, do the technical stuff first.

    OHS 185 x 4 and then another set of 4. Still feeling a little retarded considering that I did 6 reps with 180 last week.
    FCGDL 325 x 7!!! (big inhale, hold breath, lift, pause at top, big exhale and inhale, hold breath, lower slowly, put weight down gently, rest at bottom, big inhale,...)
    high bar back squats 205 x 7 (big inhale, hold breath, squat down below parallel, stand up and blow it up, big inhale, ...)
    hack lunges 120 x 6 right and left
    3 chair pushups 57.5 x 5
    full pullups 32.5 x 5

    I may drop down to 2 full body workouts per week due to life demands. So, one midweek and one during the weekend will be the likely protocol. I'll keep adding weight every workout of course.
  6. Paul Brewer-Jensen

    Paul Brewer-Jensen New Member

    I am going to use this
    and these
    to justify my rationalization for changing my routine a bit. The principle of progressive load will still apply but I have cut to the chase somewhat.

    The new routine is as follows for all exercises.

    Starting with an easy weight, do one rep.
    Add some weight (5 to 20 lbs depending on the exercise) and do another rep.
    keep adding weight and doing one rep per weight until I can no longer do a concentric rep. I then do 10 negatives with the weight that I could not lift. The trick is to choose exercises that I can do solo negatives with because I train alone.

    The exercises are as follows:

    workout A
    warm up with power jerks
    high bar bucket back squats (HBBBS)
    full pullups
    one arm DB curls
    one arm lying side delt raises

    workout B
    full one leg deadlifts
    3 chair pushups
    one arm french presses
    2 x 4 one leg heel raises

    The most challenging exercise is the squat. I can balance the bar on my traps when I get stuck in the bottom position and take my hands off the bar so that I can use my arms to help me back up by pushing off of a stool that is in front of me while I squat. With just over 1RM load, this is doable for 10 negatives. If I cannot get back up with the help of my arms, then I can always drop the weight behind me with no worries because I train out in my front yard with no neighbors nearby to bother. So, the negative squats are 2 limbs down and 4 limbs up.

    The negative pullups and negative 3 chair pushups are also 2 down and 4 up. The negatives for the one limb exercises are 1 down and 2 up with whatever additional body english is required.

    For more ideas about how to do negatives solo check out
    Nilsson has some other interesting workout ideas at I particularly like his no rest lactic acid supersetting protocol. I have done something like it for many years.

    The lactic acid protocol brings me to another one of my needs. I like to do gut busting HIIT workouts every now and then, but when should I do them so that I can maximize benefits from them and minimize the drain on my strength workouts? This article gives some insights into optimal timing for strength and endurance workouts.
    Conceivably, I could do a fasted HIIT workout in the morning and then after eating well, do a strength workout later on that same day. More realistically, I would do a fasted HIIT workout in the morning and then wait until the next day to do a fed strength workout. Anyway, good food for thought IMO.

    The basic routine is as follows:

    Tuesday or Wednesday (depending on the weather) I do workout A in the morning after eating a lot of protein and fat.
    Saturday or Sunday I do workout B whenever it is most convenient to do so and in a fed state as well (lots of protein and fat). I have not vomited, yet, during the negative squats.

    I know I am not following the frequency principle, but I just don't have the time. So, I will do what I can to maximize strength gains. I think doing each exercise once a week will not cause me to get weaker. The above 1RM negatives will induce a little more protein synthesis to boot.

    When I get to the point where I can no longer increase the weight for most of the exercises then I'll take a break and then start a new cycle.

    Goals: 2x bodyweight for the bucket squat (440 - 450lbs)
    +bodyweight for 3 chair pushup (220lbs)
    +3/4 bodyweight for pullups (165lbs)
    1.5x bodyweight for one leg DL (330lbs)

    I have a few workouts under my belt that I will enter as time permits.

    Until then, peace out.
  7. Jester

    Jester Well-Known Member

    I've never been convinced, by any evidence or examples, of HIIT being a beneficial methodology for training except for newbie gains (when near-anything works) and chemically-assisted training (when near-anything done well works).

    Negatives are quite excellent.

    Exercises that are simple and safe to do as negatives without a training partner that I've enjoyed are:

    One-legged squats - add DB's/weighted vest or backpack as you need the weight
  8. Paul Brewer-Jensen

    Paul Brewer-Jensen New Member


    high bar bucket back squats (HBBBS)- 1(135, 145, ..., 245), 255(10 negatives)
    full pullups- 1(25, 30, ..., 60), 65(10 negatives)
    one arm DB curls- 1(25, 27.5, ..., 40), 42.5(10 negatives) R+L
    lying one arm side delt raise (LSDR)- 1(10, 12.5, ..., 20), 22.5(10 negatives) R+L


    full one leg deadlifts (F1LDL)- 1(115, 125, ...155), 165(10 negatives) R+L
    three chair pushups (3CPU)- 1(50, 60, ..., 90), 100(10 negatives)
    one arm french presses (1AFP)- 1(25, 30, 35), 45(10 negatives) meant to go up to 40
    2x4 one leg heel raises- 1(bw, 10, 20), 30(10 negatives) R+L


    HBBBS- 1(140, 150, ..., 250) 260(10 negatives)
    full pullups- 1(25, 35, 45, 65), 75(10 negatives)
    one arm DB curls- 1(25, 30, ..., 45), 50(10 negatives) R+L
    LSDR- 1(12.5, 17.5, 22.5), 27.5(10 negatives) R+L


    F1LDL- 1(120, 130, ...,180), 190(10 negatives) R+L
    3CPU- 1(55, 65, ..., 95), 105(10 negatives)
    1AFP- 1(27.5, 32.5, 37.5), 42.5(10 negatives) R+L
    2x4 one leg heel raises- 1(15, 25, 35), 45(10 negatives)


    snatch jerks with 5 sec isometric hold at top- 1(135, 145, ..., 195)
    HBBBS- 1(205, 215, 225, 235, 255), 265(10 negatives)
    full pullups- 1(30, 40, ..., 70), 80(10 negatives)
    one arm DB curls- 1(27.5, 32.5, ..., 42.5), 47.5(10 negatives) not heavier than previous time
    LSDR- 1(15, 20, 25), 30(10 negatives)

    All of these workouts were done in a fed state.

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