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    I am asking different questions in this thread...would be great if you could give me answers to all/most of them...

    1. after your 2 week of 5's if you keep up for 2 other weeks of 5 - you will work with your 5rm max (or close to it) for the whole two weeks...isnt that against the principles of hst?

    2. I usually set up my a cycle-workout - that means I switch between exercise so not to make any break...during the 5s when I usually have a long brak (2-3 min) and a exercise just takes 30secs I can do a lot of different ones in one round (I split upper/lower body) - a cycle means: back / chest / shoulders / arms - the problem is that after chest I have problems to workout my shoulders (no more power)...as well as back/chest after the arms - any suggestions?

    3. is it usefull to do 5 dropsets and negatives in the same workouts since you will have a much higher volume with the dropsets then with the negatives?
  2. Don't do arms before the chest or back. Most do their workouts by muscle group, largest first. IE legs, Back or Chest then shoulders then arms. It is also good to work antagonist pairing, IE Chest Press, Back Row, or Shoulder Press, Lat Pull, or Bicep Curl, Tricep Extension. Some superset these antagonist. But it is still within the large muscle group first then smaller.

    As far as Fives and Drops and Negs.

    I wouldn't do drops and Negs, but some might. Drops are used to increase loading without an overabundance of more volume. For drops to be effective there should be no rest between your work set and the drop set. IE strip the weight as quickly as possible, do 3-5 reps and if still not enough work do another quick drop. This helps build up lactate acid, shown to be significant for metabolic factors involved in hypertrophy.

    Negs are used for increasing tension in the muscle, the most significant factor to hypertrophy. Most negs are in the 100% plus range of your 1 RM, making the load very heavy, relatively speaking, if you don't have a spotter or assistant, then stick to the five rep max, and slow down the eccentric portion of the lift to increase TUT.

    Or even plan your cycles to use the 5RM for two weeks then use a 4RM or 3RM, instead of negs. This way it will still be progressive.

    Hope I helped a little.

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