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  1. markobenin

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    Hey guys,

    I just bought 1000g of EAS Phosphagen Creatine for around $25 w/ shipping and this will be the first time I will be using creatine. I just spent a lot of time reading about creatine on this forum and am convinced of its benefits for training. I was just curious if anyone has tried this brand of creatine and what their success with it was? I chose EAS simply because I read on various places that it's a high quality and very pure creatine, so I figured I would just try it myself. However just wondering if any of you on here have had any experience with it?

    I think I'll do a 4-5 day load once I get the creatine to bring my level up to saturation ASAP and then go on to the recommended 5g a day with the pre-workout shake. How many grams should I intake during the loading period?

    Btw, I only eat fish (and quite a bit might I add!) and the occasional chicken when I go out, so I hope to get some good results with this as I read it's most effective in vegetarians (even though i'm not 100% vegetarian).
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    That particular product gave me horrible cramps, particularly during the loading phase. Current research seems to indicate the high dose loading is probably not necessary ... Within 30 days your stores will be saturated whether you load or just use 5 grams per day. Over 70% of people do respond positively to creatine, so good luck!
  3. markobenin

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    Wow I hope I don't have any cramps otherwise I just wasted my money on half a year's supply of creatine! What I've read about the initial loading phase is that it simply allows you to reach creatine saturation faster than if you were to start taking 5g a day from day one. So I might load just because I don't wanna wait the 30 days to reach that saturation point.

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