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Discussion in 'Home Exercise Equipment' started by FireFighter, Nov 17, 2006.

  1. FireFighter

    FireFighter New Member

    Been thinking about getting an eliptical to do my cardio.

    Anyone have any opionions on them or have preferences on which brand?

  2. quadancer

    quadancer New Member

    Oh, I just can't resist!



    I can't say for brands, but you're probably on a good track. Out of my seven cardio machines (not that I do much cardio) one is an elliptical and it's my favorite. Anything reciprocal seems to get old fast.
  3. FireFighter

    FireFighter New Member


    Nice one...but OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I looked on line at Dunhams and Sports Authority and I see them range from $200.00 to 1500.00. I've never used one but it was recommended due to me having bad knees (genetic defect of bowed legs woo hoo) I do two miles every other day on my treadmill plus 10 minutes of fast pace walk on an incline. Just want to knock out some of my body fat. Tired of my pants feeling tight.

    By the way Quad......OUCH!!!!!....but good one.

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