Fasting + CKD

Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by Ibrahim, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. Ibrahim

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    Hey guys,

    Im in a bit of a nutrition predicament and need your input:

    I am fasting 5 days a week. This means I dont eat or drink from sunrise till sunset at all.

    I then eat, rest a bit, go to the gym. Workout, protein shake.

    come home.. eat..

    Casein protein..

    My problem is im trying to do a ketogenic diet, keep muscle loss as low as possible. However sunset is 630 and i sleep at 11-12 cause of work. This leaves me with 5 hours about of time to eat.

    How can i effectiovely cut using CKD and fast at the same time?

    Keep muscle loss minimal or none at all?
  2. wobbles

    wobbles New Member

    Is this for the romodon? (not sure how to spell it).
    In any case, its not a major issue. With new research its been discovered that nutrient timing isnt as nearly as important as once presumed. That means that the old eat 6 - 8 meals a day isnt really necessary. What is necessary, is that you consume the total amount of calories that you need for the day, by the end of that day (a 24hr window, not 2 - 3hr window as once thought). This means that if your daily total calories is 3500 then you could eat that amount in 2 meals if you wanted to.
    7pm - 2000 calories
    8:30pm - 1500 calories
    Rather then the traditional view of dividing it up into 6 - 8 portions which space out between 2 - 3 hrs a meal.

    On another note, ketogenic diets are good for removing body fat relatively quickly. There downfall is that they also lose muscle with the fat. My advice, only do ketogenic diet if you need to cut the body fat by a certain date.
    If theirs no deadline, then a conventional diet of the right ratios of protein, fat and carbs would be a better option. There downfall is that it takes longer to remove the fat, but you'll retain more muscle.
    For information on creating a conventional diet see:

    Hope this helps.
  3. hark

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    Fasting + any low-carb diet is hell. Take it from me, you'll constantly think of food and when you do eat, you'll be binge eating and still want more. Which is bad if you're eating high-fat foods because portion sizes might be small and unfulfilling but calorie intake will be huge.

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