Fat Attack: Carb Fate

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    Never said it was.
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    Most dietitians go on about high carbs in terms of energy, a 50% carb of 2000cals is only 250g carbs. Most people eat too much in general, so 50% of a 4000kcal diet would be excessive. Anything as a percentage of energy is worthless, because it doesnt take into account energy requirements, yada yada.
    IT hsould also be noted that the 65% animal isnt protien content, thats 65% of their energy intake came from animal sources, which worked out to around 30-35% protein, and the remainder flowing over the fat. That leaves 35% or so on carbohydrate intake. While low compared to modern diets, not too bad considering they would have been hungry 1/3 of the year.
    HEart disease has been around for centuries, but it wasnt until the last 120-150years that people started living long enough, and doing little enough to really bring about the epidemic. Also the epidemic of the mid 20th century can be pinpointed down to one main factor - smoking.
    THe biggest factor of anything is inactivity. Cancer, diabetes, heart disease....smoking and eating too much dont help either.
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    While I agree with this, and since they ate the whole animals, a large percentage of it was also fat, but the remaining wasn't necessarily all carbs, I believe. Nut's and seeds for example also have a good amount of fat in them. Anyway, there was probably a good deal of variation from place to place.

    Interestingly, there is a documented decrease in stature and bone density as soon as animal intake droped around 10 000 years or so ago, time which the agricultural revolution took place in Asia. Of course, like Aaron said, inactivity seems to play the biggest role in everything, though they were still pretty acive, there was a big change in life style at that time.

    This I agree. Trans and hydrogenated fatt acids, omega 3 deprivation along with inactivity are the probable culrpits of most disease. I even wonder how much of the bad rep that was given to saturated fat should have been to these factors.
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    not from what I have seen from cordain and the likes.

    Strange, when the europeans first came to polynesia (polys are decended from asains), they thought the polys were giants, becasue the british were so short.
    THe natural diet of polynesians was high carbs (and huge fibre intake) fish/shellfish, rat etc.
    THe british diet around that time was higher carb, high fat, red meats, with hte nobles eating more garbage than the poor of course. Sugar was also making a big hit around this time.

    THe main ones that keep comming back up againa and again is saturated fat, fruit/vege intake, maintaining good weight and activity.
    here goes one table from a cancer epidemiology paper in Nature

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