First Ramp W/ Myo-reps

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    Came off a light 5/3/1 cycle with new PRs and decided to learn Myo-reps. I saw it simple: Reduced ROM, first activation set taken 2 reps less than hard-grinding then 2-4 reps w/ 10-20s rest & auto-regulate volume. Its so nice not to worry about logging all the mini sets. Its taken motivation to a new level set after set. Havent counted calories but eating plenty of coconut oil, fruit, rice, beans, oats, potatos, lots of fresh water, cheese and rice-pea protein shakes from truenutrition. The occasional glass of juice and a bag of spicy corn chips to keep some sanity. Spiritual reason behind a blood-free diet (4 yrs so far :) not perfect but 97% consistency. Its human to err.

    I also have started to full squat at the porcelain throne as the Asians. Its hard on the feet and at 245lbs fearing the damn thing wont be ripped off the ground slinging all that everywhere. So far its very pleasing. There is a great article on Asian principles for feeding and digesting at a website also known as T-Mag. g00gle is a great tool 8)

    Im working hard to make ends meet where they matter so its all luck to have enough and not waste away my health: body, mind and soul. Astonished!... to say the least about Myo-reps. I feel pumped all the time now. Muscle fullness is very nice. I look like I lift. jaja.

    Current plan is 3 weeks long. Almost done with week one.


    PS: Plate Swings as per Dan John and Pavel.
    I train at home with a basic set.
    Got a trap-bar too for Farmer Walk. PR 255 lbs for 250 feet.
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