Glycemic Index, Carbohydrates and Fat Loss by Bryan Haycock

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    "There are several camps of opinion when it comes to the virtues of high- or low-glycemic index (GI) carbs and performance. There are seemingly conflicting results from dozens of studies trying to figure out if high or low GI carbs are better for exercise performance. Fortunately, I’m not particularly interested in the performance angle for this article. That being the case I’m going to borrow the results of a recent carb study to shed light on the virtues of high or low GI carbs for fat loss..."

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    Yeah, I've heard of this sort of diet before- basically eating as much raw produce as you can and whole grains with lots of fiber. And lots of complex carbohydrates for longer-lasting energy. It's basically what our mothers always told us about avoiding processed foods. :)

    From fish oil to mesogold, I'll try just about any supplement.
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    I practiced a low glycemic index diet from August to November of 2006. The diet was combined with a mild weight-lifting program and treadmill work. The weight-lifting was limited to 30 minutes, three days per week, using dumbbells only. I did five, one hour, treadmill sessions per week at a brisk walking speed of 3.2 mph.

    I was 61 years old, in reasonable health, 5' 2'' tall. Starting weight was 147 lbs. I lost a total 28 lbs, reaching a body weight of 129 lbs, while maintaining most of my lean body mass and increasing my strength.

    One of the more interesting (to me) aspects of the diet was that I never managed to get hungry. Rather I nearly had to force feed myself in order to meet my assigned diet portions. Rather than starving, I was eating at least five times per day.

    Another notable side effect was that, since I wasn't eating any high glycemic index carbs (anything higher than 50 on the scale), I found I didn't want any high glycemic index carbs. I had no desire for cake or cookies or pie or any such thing. When it came time for dessert, I could freely tell my hostess, "No, thanks, maybe later".
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