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    Hi HSN Team
    I am planning to use kind of Zone diet as my 'mass' diet
    Since I don't tolerate well grains my major carbs source will be fruits, but I have read that
    'Supplements composed of glucose or glucose polymers are the most effective for replenishment of muscle glycogen, whereas fructose is most beneficial for the replenishment of liver glycogen'
    Int J Sports Med 1998 Jun;19 Suppl 2:S142-5
    'Glycogen resynthesis after exercise: effect of carbohydrate intake' Ivy JL
    Since I would like to have glycogen to go to muscle instead to liver, taht's why I am asking ;)
    Right now I have tried (with minimal succsess) NHE diet (CKD plan), as mass diet. now I am searching for another best solution for gaining lean bodymass with minimal fat.
    Please discuss more
    Thanks in advance
  2. vicious

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    The fructose bit has been overstated. A portion of the carbs won't go to muscle anyway, the insulin level is too low, and your body needs to use carbohydrates at that moment for energy and raise blood sugar levels. Even much of the protein you eat after a workout will be converted into glucose.

    Second, most fruit has fairly even composition of glucose and fructose, if not more glucose. Fruits higher in the GI scale (bananas, mangos, dates, ripe apples) have more glucose too.
    In other words, fruit is fine after a workout.

  3. ZMT

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    'fruit is fine after a workout'

    how about major source of carbs during whole day ??

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