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cjasonpa, both _Simon_ and Browner have given some good advice so I just want to reiterate a couple things that were said. _Simon_ briefly mentioned nutrition. I know this isn't the nutrition forum but let me expound on what he was eluding to. Make sure you know what and how much you are eating. Get your macros (i.e. protein, carbs, & fats) dialed in according to your goals, and be as consistent as possible. You are creating an anabolic environment, and you will grow most efficiently if that environment remains stable. The two biggest environmental factors are of course the training and nutrition.

_Simon_ also mentioned monitoring your energy levels. Think of this as your "adaptive reserve". There are many chemical and neurological processes involved in adapting to resistance exercise. Those processes require energy and time, and for the most part they can't be rushed, even on the best diet. So, be mindful of your recovery status and plan ahead. It will take much longer to recover from extended "over-reaching" (i.e. short-term over training) than a brief over-reach followed by SD.

Finally, Browner mentioned extending the 5's according to your adaptive reserve, meaning, if you think you've got another good week of 5's left in you, go for it. Granted, I just got through warning about over-training and that advice still stands. Nevertheless, effective bodybuilding (without a coach) requires self monitoring. I don't advocate "instinctive training" because you can't feel everything that's really going on. But I do support Browners advice to play it by ear to some extent.

Bryan you mentioned towards the end of the above post about not advocating instinctive training as you cannot feel everything that going on, would you recommend utilising HRV apps to determine whether you are too far into the Sympathetic Nervous System