Have you posted flyers of HST anywhere?


I have thought about printing out the flyer and putting it up in my gym's locker room. However I fear that the personal trainers might look down on this and the gym's management might frown upon people promoting a product (HSN) within the gym as it is essentially free advertising.

I am thinking of making my own flyer to leave out the HSN stuff. They will find the HSN information when they come to this site.
I have written the flyer I was thinking about putting up in my gym's locker room. What do you all think?

Want to get beginner gains all over again? Try HST.....

Try the Hypertrophic Specific Training (HST) method. Visit the websites listed at the bottom of the page and get all the information for free on how to setup a training program that is scientifically formulated on muscle physiology research papers too keep you gaining and gaining, steroid and supplement free. It’s not hard and once you’ve written up your program it is very easy to follow and gives you a structured workout that takes all the guess work out of training. I gained 5 kilos of mostly muscle in one 8 week training schedule after I’d been training for 3 years on all the old HIT, splits and whatever routines. These are beginner being had gains all over again.

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1. Mechanical load
2. Sufficient Frequency
3. Progressive Load with submaximal weights
4. Strategic Deconditioning

To learn more visit the following websites or simply google “HST” and it’s the third website:

A quick overview of what HST is and how it was derived:

The FAQ’s you need to read to design your program:

A demonstration program from Bryan Haycock the designer of the HST method: http://www.hypertrophy-specific.com/hst_II.html
That's a very good idea for sure but I would be reluctant also. I am sure my gym would frown upon it also but you never know. I mentioned it to one of the older trainers a couple years ago and his response was "Very interesting". You could tell he wasn't not going to give it another look and continue doing what he has been doing for years and years. It's really amazing how everyone feels like you are trying to sell them something even though it's FREE!. Even when I talk to friends, family, etc., no one wants free advice. So I have just learned to shut my mouth, do my HST workouts and let the results speak for themselves.

I love sig:

"Squat, Deadlift, Bench, Dip, Chin-up and Row is all you need"

That's all I use and I get a total body workout in no time at all. Used to crack me up, I would come in the gym and blast my total body and be out the door before some people even finished with their 15 sets of bench press or even their initial chatting session.