Homemade leverage dip assist machine

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    Built it in about an hour of actual working time.
    If you have no difficulties it'll probably take about 20 minutes.


    One 10-12' 2"x6"

    One 1" x 24" galvanized steel pipe (A 3/4" pipe would work for standard plates I think and a 1.5" would work for olympic, but you're really limited by the drill bits you can find/have. Pipes are larger than they're labeled, 1" pipes are more like 1.25".)

    Nailgun, 15 nails. Screws work too, but a nailgun blows through the wood real fast.

    Scrap 3/4" or thicker Plywood/2x8, 2x10, 2 x 12, around 16" x 8" (check the size you want for your knees to rest on)

    Scrap padding, carpet, towel, cloth.

    Sander/sand block/paper

    Router if you want it really nice.

    Electric Drill & x" bit (depending on the size of the rod you want to put it on), 1.25" bit for the steel pipe.

    optional: extra 2x4's to put in next to the reinforcing 2x6 blocks the knee pad plywood just for the peace of mind that if the plywood breaks the lever won't give you a nice whack in the balls.

    I built mine on a 2 to 1 ratio such that if I put a 5lb plate on one end, it'd be 10lb of assistance. If you want to do it this way but need 5lb increments, use a chain around the pipe or in the hole instead of a pipe. (Like a dip belt)

    I use 2x6 blocks from the same board to reinforce each of the holes and the knee pad. They're seen adjacent to the main board.

    As mentioned above, a chain can be used to put weights on if you don't want to slam the pipe in the hole with a sledgehammer.

    Chain wrapped around the pipe, if you use one, with a 2.5lb weight dangling from it will allow you to do smaller increments. But remember that chain weighs something too!


    Collars can be made if you use a 1" pipe for olympic plates by cutting a piece of 1.5" PVC and putting some bolts in it. They're pictured.
  2. I am impressed, that is really sharp. Great work [​IMG]

    Now I'll have to post my Home Made Leg Press
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    Oh yes, please do post your Home Made Leg Press. [​IMG]
  4. OK you asked for it, so far I have had loaded with 365 Lbs.
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    Hi dkm1987,

    365 lbs--wow! This is a must-see. But the link isn't working.
  6. I just checked the link above and it works for me. It should open up Yahoo Photo album click on the little photo and it will enlarge it. If you still can't get it IM me with your email addy and I'll send it to ya.
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    Let me make it easy
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    Hey, Sonny, thanks a lot.
    Hi, dkm1987. Thanks for posting your leg press. It looks impressive, alright, but I'm not entirely certain how you use it. [​IMG] If it's not too much trouble, could you explain?

    Thanks a bunch.
  9. I am moving to a new thread, so as not to hijack Dontquit's anymore

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