How Can I Tweak Hst To Focus More On Lats, Shoulders And Obliques?


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Hey everybody,

I started HST like a year ago and I'm making great progress. I began HST while cutting because I have, naturally a skinny fat type of body. anyways, I'm now towards the end of my cut and I have noticed that I have naturally high hipbones. at first I thought this was just fat but unfortunately its not :( its actually just bone.

I sort of look like the thumbnail I attached, this is not actually me but just for reference.

I asked around and most people claimed that the best way around this is to focus on building Lats, shoulders and obliques because these muscles should cover up the natural hourglass shape.

so Im wondering how can I change the standard HST program to focus more on building lats, shoulders and obliques without neglecting the rest of my body.


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While waiting for the info Mick requested, I can tell you that you never want to "grow" you obliques. That will give you a boxy look when, in fact, most people strive for the hourglass or "V" look.
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Hey guys, hope yall are still there.

my current routine is

2 x Squats
2 x deadlifts
2 x bench press
2x pulldowns
2 x bicep curls
2 x leg curls
2 x shoulder press
2x rear delts
2x dips
2x chinups
2x calves

Monday, wednesday and friday.
Personally I would drop the isolations such as rear delts, bicep curls and probably leg curls and then either add in another shoulder compound exercise and back exercise or add another set to pull downs, chins and shoulder press, in respect of leg curls I would replace this with Good Mornings

Quads - 2 x Squats
Hams / Lower Back - 2 x Deadlifts / 2 x Good Mornings
Chest - 2 x Bench / 2 x Dips
Shoulders - 2 x Shoulder Press (OH Press would be better) / 2 x landmine press (if available) if not another set to press and stick with your rear delt exercise or face pulls
Back - 2 x Pulldowns / 2 x Chins (supinated grip) / 2 x any Rows
Calves - 2 x Calf Raise
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This early in the game, skip the single joint work. I'd maybe do 1 set pull downs or weighted pullups, and do some HEAVY row sets, barbell or one arm dumbbell. I'd also do a set or 2 of barbell shrugs.