How different are simple milk-based powders from each other?

Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by shiphen, Sep 27, 2010.

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    In terms of muscle-building, is there much difference between different sources of dairy?
    i.e. Should we just buy the cheapest/best tasting source of whey or casein?

    And is there any good reason not just to buy ordinary powdered milk (e.g. "Marvel") in the supermarket?
    Ok, perhaps the fat-free version...

    I mean is there much difference between different sources of whey?
    Are some more oxidised or weirdly processed...?
    And are some more easy to digest?

    I do seem to have a slight problem digesting milk-based products... and in my experience some are similarly named products are extremely unpleasant to consume, whereas others are fine.

    with thanks


    P.S. I just tried unflavoured version of "Perfect Whey" (from Trec) and it tastes absolutely revolting - just the smell makes me want to vomit.
    Whereas vanilla "100% whey" (I think from the same company) tastes utterly different - quite good in fact.
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    yes it is that In terms of muscle-building, is there much difference between different sources of dairy and thanks to you for sharing this.
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    I can’t give you a scientific answer but can tell what I was told by a member of the Marine Corps power lifting team I served with when I asked him the same question years ago. He said don’t waste your money on expensive protein and weight gain powers just to add powdered not fat milk to my shakes to get the extra protein and calories I want.

    I did that, however I did find a reason 2 reasons to switch to whey protein. I found out that in large quantities regular or powered milk causes me to have a mild food allergy similar to having a cold. The other reason is that the whey protein is more protein dense/Kcal which makes it easier for me to up my protein intake while monitoring total calorie intake. However, neither of these may be an issue for you.

    As for different brands of whey protein I’m just using what is sold at the local Walmart which actually turns out to be the cheapest source (price/gram) of protein I can find locally and have gained 9lbs in 9 weeks while maintaining 8% body fat.

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