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  1. D@nz

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    Firstly, Hello.

    This is my fist official post. I have been lurking around the forum for several weeks now, taking in as much as I can and reading up. I have also read Totentanz's Ebook which is hugely helpful!

    Feels like I won the fitness lottery when I stumbled across this site, even though I have yet to officially start my HST routine. Also, the support on this forum is amazing. I can only hope to return the favour once I am knowledgable enough.

    Like many, I have been on the roller coaster journey of trying to get a great physique for almost a decade. Nearly all my attempts have never gotten me where I would like to be. I don't even know if HST will work for me but I'm willing to give it a few solid attempts as the feedback seems to be hugely positive and inspiring, not to mention backed up science. Overall I already feel confident about embarking on this journey.

    I realise nutrition is also a huge piece of the puzzle and I think it is one area I need the most guidance. I have never sported a full 6-Pack and have always struggled to lose fat even though Im not obease. I generally sit around 15-18% BF. Judging on what I have read so far on the site, I can safely say it's all in my diet.

    Please excuse any dumb questions as I am still trying to take everything in. My question today is about Preworkout Nutrition. For years I have been taking preworkout shakes. Mainly for the energy since I work out very early on empty. I now realise I should be taking in protein with carbs for a pre workout "meal" but what about the 'preworkout shake' itself? Do I take both simultaneously? I have tried not taking preworkout and my energy levels are sub-optimal (judging on motivation, energy levels and performance in the gym)

    What does everyone else here do? I find taking Preworkout on empty stomach more effective
  2. mickc1965

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    I train both AM and PM, AM I train fasted (cup of coffee sometimes adding glucose if feeling overly tired) and PM I eat normally during the day (last meal approximately 2-3 hours before) no preworkout shakes at all
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  3. D@nz

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    I also used to train fasted in AM and while I got used to it, as soon as started ingesting a simple carb before training, my lifts all went up! I guess this is also reinforced in the HSN principals. I guess everyone is different of course

    Would really want to get other people's thought on the preworkout + protein/carb pre training drink.
  4. Brixtonian

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    I also train in the AM and have trained fasted in the past. I always felt weaker when training fasted, compared with having consumed something prior.
    Obviously, I don't want a heavy meal before training, as it would mean waking up even earlier just to eat! (Been there and done that when I was much younger)
    I have now settled on a compromise...

    I have found a 'smoothie' pre workout is my best option. I have tried smoothies containing fruit and ground oats and whey, but again that can feel heavy into my workout. I now tend to follow a bio-rhythm diet and have most of my carbs towards the end of the day and my early morning smoothie now consists of berries, a kiwi fruit, whey and whole milk.
    Depending on if I am cutting or bulking, I just vary the quantity of contents - berries and whey - and replace some of the milk with water (to keep the quantity of liquid the same for consistency of the smoothie)

    I also have a couple of espresso coffees.

    I train about an hour and a half after this smoothie and have enough energy & strength for a heavy 50 min workout

    Lyle Mcdonald has written an article somewhere on the amount of carbs actually needed to fuel a reasonable length workout, & my smoothies fulfil that recommendation adequately.


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