HST caloric level?

Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by malampi, Oct 27, 2002.

  1. malampi

    malampi New Member

    Just curious.
    I'm 5'10, 225lbs, 18% bf. This will be my 1st HST cycle.
    I'm looking to drop some bf.

    Personally I think my metabolism is somewhat slow, and was thinking somewhere around 2500 kcal or so.

    I've been going 40-30-30ish (carbs-fat-prot), and monitoring quite carefully with Crosstrainer.

    Any suggestions for levels? How about refeed frequency/duration?

  2. vicious

    vicious New Member

    The rule of thumb is 12 * BW, or in your case 225 * 12 = 2700 calories.

    I like to use this formula to determine maintenance level: LBM * LBM / 10. In your case, that is about 3240 calories. Deduct up to 15%, and it's about 2750 calories.

    In either case, 2500 calories may dampen your metabolism further.

    If you're doing Zone and strictly trying to lose BF, you don't need refeeds more than once every 1-2 weeks. Even then, a relatively modest 600-800 calorie rise, in fat or carbs, will do fine.

    At 225 @ 18.5%, you would do fine with 180g protein. Follow the Zone p:c ratio, and this amounts to 240g carbs. Together protien and carbs total 1680 calories. You would then make up the rest of this in fat (800 calories / 89g fat.)

    In your case, 240g carbs, 180g protein, 89g fat for 2500 calories. 240g C, 180g P, 111g F for 2700 calories.

    Even though you are dieting, I would ramp calories up slowly every 2 weeks by 50 calories, or roughly 3/4 teaspoon of fat.

  3. IamBBB

    IamBBB New Member

    I am trying to lean up as well, and am getting ready to start HST to keep my LBM as high as possible while leaning out. I am 5'8" 218 at 17% BF. My final goal is to end up around 195-200 at 8-10% BF. I want to get lean 1st, and foremost, and will work back up to that weight if needed.What is recomended? Low carbs except for meals around my workouts? This is what I am thinking of: working out in the mornings before I eat breakfast. Then having a high carb high protien breakfast. I was thinking of getting around 30% of my calories out of the way for breakfast on training days.Keeping carbs low to moderate for the rest of the afternoon. Then cutting almost all of the carbs out after 6: 00. Taking in a cup or so of Low fat cottage cheese for my last meal. To keep protien levels up during the night with out the insulin spike before bed. As far as training goes I only do compound movements 2 different workouts Workout-1: Squats, Stiff Leg D-lifts, Inc Bench, chins, and Upright Rows. Workout-2: Leg Press, Stiff Leg D-lifts, Weighted Dips, T-bar rows, Shoulder press. Abs after Cardio. I do 20 min H.I.T. cardio after weight training days, and 45 min low intensity on Tues, Thurs, and Sat. The workouts alternate every other workout, IE... WO1 Monday WO2 Wednesday WO1 Friday WO2 Monday So on, and so on.
    Anyway, if anyone can give some feedback as far as how to use HST best while leaning up let me know.
    Thanks, IamBBB
  4. Steve McDermott

    Steve McDermott New Member

    That sounds like a good plan to me. That's pretty much what I did this summer and it worked well. I didn't do a strict Keto diet, just low carb. I also did a high carb refeed on Sundays, and then as I got leaner I did another one on Wednesdays after training. I wouldn't change the routine too much. It's designed to build as much muscle as you can as fast as you can, so it is a very good routine for dieting. One thing Bryan has said about cardio is that it should be introduced slowly into the whole routine. I'm not sure where the post is, but if you do a search for "cardio" you may find it.

  5. vicious

    vicious New Member

    It looks good. You may want to shorten or forgo the 20-minute HIIT altogether. The 15-rep sets make HIIT very taxing, so you *may* want to, as Steve suggested, add in HIIT gently gradually and go the entire 20 through the 5s cycle.

    The 15s is excellent for fat-burning. You may want to add an extra week or two there by repeating each workout up to 6 times.

  6. IamBBB

    IamBBB New Member

    Thanks for the input! I am really just getting started right now. I am trying to find my maxes on the lifts. So you think maybe I should cut out the HIIT cardio during the 15's and even extend them a few weeks? I understand that this would probably help with the leaning out, but how will the extended 15's effect muscle mass? I do not want to lose mass if possible. I really don't want to do extra cardio if I don't have to so that sounds great. I can do some cardio on rest days. If I am going to cut out the HIIT do you think I should add more exercises, IE... follow the work out as listed in the example of the programs explanation. I am set up now to do 10 sets per workout, but that one is like 20. I am sure that would be more effective in fat loss if not doing cardio. Well any help is welcome, I am trying to dial this in right so I can lose the unwanted fat. As far as muscle mass goes right now I am pretty pleased with what I have. At least until I lean up to see what I have to work with. Anyway, I will be looking forward to your, and anyone elses replies who have some experience with this.
    Thanks! IamBBB [​IMG]
  7. vicious

    vicious New Member


    The 15s cycle is similar to Poliquin's GBC program. In fact using short rest sets and alternate exercises would be doing a GBC workout. In short, you would mantain your current mass and hasten body fat burning.

    If your goal is to burn fat and "just" mantain mass, I would lengthen the 15s cycle to a month. Because you're doing an alternating program, you would just go through workout A and B six times. You can decide later whether to leave in the negatives for a 10-week cycle.

    It's difficult to sustain cardio after the 15s because the lactic acid and depletion is significant.

    It's okay to use at least 10% less weight on your 2nd set.

    Cardio during rest days is fine, but you can burn at least one pound of fat per week during 15s without cardio at all. For the sake of preserving mass, I'd do HIIT instead of low-intensity aerobics. Make sure to give yourself at least one full rest day.

    I don't believe additional ab work is necessary (or desirable) until you're sufficiently lean. Deads do plenty.


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