Increasing calories with intensity


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Was thinking earlier. Usual hst follows progressive overload and ramping up intensity towards the end of different blocks within a full cycle. When the intensity is lower at the beginning of each block you wouldn't need the same calories as at the end when intensity is higher to repair and recover.

Would it make sense to increase calories from maintenance across the two week blocks to coincide with intensity? Start each block at maintenance and gradually increase and drop again when the next block starts.

Obviously weight gain wouldn't be as fast but its easy confuse weight gain with muscle gain. do we think it would lead to more of a lean increase in mass eating this way?

What do you guys think?
It makes sense to me. However I don't think that caloric expenditure is so different that needs tweaking on diet. Keep in mind that a block starts at 75% of the corresponding RM, so it's already demanding anyway.
Personally, I reckon sleep and CNS recovery becomes more important towards the end of each mesocycle, particularly so at the heavy end of the cycle. Getting an above maintenance and consistent calorie intake throughout the cycle is also important. As long as your macros are supplying what you need then a bit of extra rest for CNS recovery makes most sense to me.