Invention: Muscle-fatigue blocker

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    Wasn't sure where the best place for this was but went for the Research section as less fatigue would mean bigger muscles!

    Article from the New Scientist
    # 16:47 19 September 2008
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    # Justin Mullins

    It's commonly belived that fatugue is caused by lactic acid build up, but the latest research shows this may not be the case. Now Andrew Marks at Columbia University has invented a drug that can reduce fatigue in anyone doing strenuous exercise.


    Patent Info
    The invention provides methods for treating muscle fatigue with compounds of the invention. The invention relates to compositions and methods for treating, preventing or reducing muscle fatigue by administering compounds that stabilize ryanodine receptors (RyR), which regulate calcium channel functioning in cells. The invention provides methods to treat muscle fatigue in a subject suffereing from a wide variety of acute and chronic pathologies, neurological or genetic diseases or conditions, including but not limited to cardiac disease, HIV infection and IDS, muscular dystrophy, cancer, malnutrition, exercise- induced muscle fatigue, age-associated muscle fatigue, renal disease and renal failure. The invention provides methods for treating a subject suffering from muscle fatigue as a result of sustained, prolonged and/or strenuous exercise, or chronic stress.

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