Johnston Rep Method

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Quote[/b] (xtreme @ Jan. 02 2006,12:01)]I wish that were true but eating has never been an issue for me and I was well-nourished, of that I am sure. I have records that show my HST cycles and I finished each one the same size and weight as when I started.
Did your bodyweight change?
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Quote[/b] (xtreme @ Jan. 02 2006,1:15)]Good, I'm glad to hear that. I honestly don't have any financial investment of otherwise in either JReps or the IART.
so you never purchased Jreps?


all jokes aside, I have never seen anyone so avidly promote a product, on forums they have never been involved with before, without some reason behind them doing so - usually that reason is some form of financial return.
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Quote[/b] (xtreme @ Jan. 01 2006,6:01)]
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Quote[/b] (Totentanz @ Jan. 01 2006,4:12)]Obviously you weren't eating enough then. If you had said "all that happened was I got fat" then I might believe you. But if you "gained nothing" then you have some severe issues with your diet plan and will fail on any training program, even Jreps.
I wish that were true but eating has never been an issue for me and I was well-nourished, of that I am sure. I have records that show my HST cycles and I finished each one the same size and weight as when I started.
Though this has been pointed out a number of times already, you seem to have missed the point, so I'll give it one more shot.
If your weight and body comp did not change at all when using a routine, and your goal was to get bigger, the only answer available is you did not consume enough calories, period. The most logical explanation is that you did not take into account the increased energy demands of full body HST 3 times a week and did not adjust your diet accordingly. If you had at least gained some fat but no muscle you could say HST didn't work for you, but if body weight stayed the same you were obviously not taking in excess calories.
I've had a number of HST cycles that "didn't work for me" because I'm trying to grow with minimal fat gain, and like many people, that's a very fine line to tread.
Btw, here's a rough draft of BLOWreps for free. Just remember:

"There's no reps like BLOWreps!"

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Quote[/b] ]Note: this is both a parody and a smack in the face of JReps. But it will probably work at least as well.

Within any particular exercise, find your sticking point.

Do the following:

Divide the exercise into halves, the ROM before the sticking point, and after.

So, a common sticking point in a bench press is the midrange, transferring from lower to upper ROM.

The bottom half of a bench press would be from your chest to the sticking point but not into/through it. The top half would be right above the sticking point to lockout. So, for now, we'll avoid the inch or two of dead space in the exercise to help maximize hypertrophy.

Because the stretch component of an exercise is, as a rule of thumb, probably more valuable in terms of growth than the non-stretch portion, initial focus will go towards the stretch portion of every movement. Jreps start with the top half a lot - BLOWreps are different. BLOWreps are more special, and gives particular focus to where said focus is deserved.

Because the 80-85% range usually represents one's 5-8 rep max, and has shown its relative superiority in terms of both strength and hypertrophy versus other ranges, that will be an initial guideline we'll derive our rep prescriptions.

But, to be cautious, we'll take approximately 79% (because 80% is JReps recommendation, and I don't want to get sued) of our 8 rep max and start there. I would imagine you will be able to increase it reasonably quickly thereafter, but it seems a good starting point.

So, start by performing 8 half reps in the stretch portion of the ROM. Then, "lock out" that movement and rest a few seconds to catch your breath. Continue with approximately 8 reps in the top half of the ROM. Remember to avoid the sticking point itself lest you cut your reps short. Avoid failure at any point.

Because BDJ is still thinking like a HITtard, he has people focus mostly on the effects of one set. With slightly heavier loads and doing only "8" mini reps at a time, you can probably tolerate an extra set or so, which seems to make up for not trying to get everything done in one set to failure.

As an option on BLOWreps sets, if you can tolerate it or so desire, finish the set with an isometric hold exactly at the sticking point.

It should be said that the above rep recommendations are just a launching point, nothing is fixed in stone, and varying the amount of half reps you do could be useful ala an HST routine, illustrated at the end of this post. The IARTers believe in matching rep prescription to fatigue characteristics of a muscle (i.e. longer TUT for slower twitch muscle groups etc). I think that's voodoo nonsense - increases in load are far more important, so always remember to add weight to the bar over time, or literally nothing will work. And eat enough, stupid.

Note also that these would be most conducive in technically uncomplicated movements. In other words, if you try these on barbell squats or deadlifts, you're probably an idiot.

Rationale behind the above:

* Focus/priority goes towards the stretch half of ROM of any exercise, most conducive towards hypertrophy, so that's done first.

* However, the other half of the ROM will be performed to make sure A) you don't #### up long term potential strength by limiting strength gain in unworked areas of ROM and B) generating extra metabolic #### and extending the set which will probably help anyways.

* Avoid the actual sticking point to maximize the number of half-reps in each zone you can perform.

* Include an isometric hold AT the sticking point last as a possible supplement to aid strength gain in that narrow ROM.

BLOWreps are training system independent, which means you can do them with HST or even a retarded HIT routine (hi IARTers). However, to maximize growth acutely, consider having a reasonable frequency per muscle group (thrice weekly for noobs and maybe twice weekly for intermediate/advanced), which will call for careful monitoring of volume and intensity.

Sample BLOWreps HST schedule, to be performed on uncomplicated movements:

2 weeks @ 12 half reps in each zone per set
2 weeks @ 8 half reps in each zone per set
2 weeks @ 4 half reps in each zone per set

BLOWreps eXtreme (different capitalization isn't a copyright violation, right?):

Do the above, add a weighted stretch as per DC's recommendation after a set. To be used sparingly (say no more than once a week).


It is possible to divide BLOWreps into as many portions of a ROM as possible. In principle, "halves" is easiest, but thirds or even quarters are certainly possible.

In addition, to mix things up (and because there's even research implying that eccentric action at shorter sarcomere lengths for certain muscles, e.g. rectus femoris, may be greater than longer lengths), you could start with the "top" half of ROM first and finish with the stretch half. Any order of any sequence of divided portions of a ROM are possible, though performing ALL segments for overall "complete" ROM training is important.

Additionally, special attention to particular exercises may be warranted. In rows, for example, to fully recruit the scapular retractors, it would be recommended to perform the "top" half of ROM first, in which the bar is pulled to the abdomen or chest while the shoulders are shrugged back. The movement could then be finished with a "lat pull," which is the first half of ROM for that type of exercise.

I'm starting a new cycle Monday and you would NOT believe how similar my plan is to what you just outlined. Scary!

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Quote[/b] (leegee38 @ Jan. 01 2006,10:50)]Mikey,
I'm starting a new cycle Monday and you would NOT believe how similar my plan is to what you just outlined. Scary!
BLOWreps are the future!
yes, but I also wouldnt spend time going around random forums to do some strange sort of antagonistic marketing.
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Quote[/b] (xtreme @ Jan. 02 2006,7:02)]"Random Forums"... I have only ever frequented a handful of forums, and have been part of this one - under a different name since 2002. Like I have already stated, Bryan and I interacted back then too, and in no way am I posting against either him or HST.
I have seen you on two forums that I frequent, both times you have used this user name, and both times your first post on the username is to promote Jreps.

If you have been on this forum since 2002 why change your name? and what was your name
ok.i tried jreps and many friends of mine are doing it.well what can i say i find jreps work the muscles thoroughly compared to traditional liftting .am on 1 week on it so it is too early to judge its effecticveness in term of growth but the muscles are worked deeply from a mere 2 sets .
anothe thing am not promoting jreps .am a hst member from a long time and still like hst .it is just sometimes i like experimenting .
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Quote[/b] (mathey @ Jan. 02 2006,9:22)]your friends bought and paid for their own books correct?
I hope so - sharing ain't cool...
Sharing knowledge with your FRIENDS isn't cool?

What a pathetic attitude.