Looking for some high protein, non-parishable foods

Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by Dvst8or, May 8, 2011.

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    **Edit** Just realized I spelled perishable wrong in the title but can't change it now, my bad.

    Hey guys. I am currently deployed and don’t have access to a commissary (grocery store) I was looking for some advice from you guys on what are some good foods that are high in protein and non-perishable. Something my wife could pick up for me and ship over to me that won’t spoil or melt on the way over here.

    I know that I could use protein shakes, which I will be, but I would rather eat real food plus it’s a lot cheaper.

    Thanks in advance,

    P.S. Please don’t recommend tuna. I can’t stand tuna by itself.
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  2. grunt11

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    Actually gram for gram the whey protein I get at the local Walmart is the cheapest source of regularly priced I protein I’ve found anywhere. About the cheapest price wise (not sure of total cost in terms of energy used and time expended) is probably going to be homemade jerky, still not something you can make a meal out of.
    Most sources of non-perishable “whole food” protein are going to be expensive compared to their fresh and frozen counterparts. You can get all sorts of canned meats besides tuna, but I’m not sure how cost effective they are. The cheapest besides tuna are probably going to be Chicken and Salmon since they are fairly common and many stores carry a house or generic brand. Other types like beef, lamb, venison, pork etc. are probably cheapest on the internet and may be (not sure) directly shippable to APO/FPO addresses.
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    Do you have access to cooking supplies or would you have to make do with eating this stuff straight out of the packaging? If you have access to cooking utensils, you might want to look into beans- black beans, pinto beans, etc. They're not as concentrated a source of protein as meat, but since they can be shipped dry, they might be a better deal pound for pound and they won't spoil. Nuts are a good, similar source of protein- almonds, peanuts, and flax seeds have 8-9 grams of protein per quarter cup. Like beans, you don't have to worry about spoilage.

    From fish oil to silver colloids, I'll try just about any supplement.
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    Fair enough, I guess I just prefer to get my protein sources from actual food and supplement what I don't get from food, rather than depend on Protein shakes to provide most of the protein that I need.

    The ony personal cooking that I have access to is a microwave at work. I actually thought about getting beans but then I looked at the amount carbs vs protein and was a little turned off. But I guess that and peanut butter will be my two snacks in between meals since I can't find anything better really.

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