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Discussion in 'Home Exercise Equipment' started by Brak, Nov 11, 2004.

  1. Brak

    Brak New Member

    I was considering purchasing one of these. Sounds like it be of great help. I find it is uncomfortable to squat with the bar high on my traps and when I put it in the more comfortable spot between the traps and posterior delt I am distracted by the feeling that it is sliding down and needing to be held up by my arms.

    So, opinions on the Manta Ray?

  2. Dood

    Dood New Member

    I've been using one for the last month, works pretty well, though I feel it keeps the bar a little higher on the shoulders than I would like. I can shift it a little lower, but then I have to concentrate on not letting it slip too far. I actually think it could use more padding, other than the plastic it's made of. My .02 cents.
  3. the_dark_master

    the_dark_master New Member

    Using the bar in the Power Lifter position of the squat, does bring the arms into play - ie you're working nearly all the muscles of the body. (I also believe it opens up the chest/shoulders ala breathing pullovers)
    So my advice would to be to save your cash and knuckle down - to some serious squatting...

    As a side note: people insist on padding the barbell in the centre - whereas wrapping some padding eitherside, of the spine, would allow for better transfer to the traps. Padding is something you "grow" out of, eventually!
  4. quadancer

    quadancer New Member

    Until my back wouldn't support the weights I was getting into, my manta ray was a total salvation: bars even with pads always hurt my spine a lot. The downside of the Ray was that I had to take a razor knife and carve out a bit around the neck to accomodate my then 18" neck. It takes a few workouts to get used to, but it really spreads the load out for me, so I can concentrate on the weight, not the pain.

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