mickc1965 training log

Jester, I probably agree with that but the whole point of training twice a day was to manage fatigue better, clearly at my age volume needs to be lower still, doesn't help with waking at 5:45 every day to train. Will probably train tonight (see how I feel) with one set of 5 then a met set to follow (hack squats will be 2 sets of 5), may also drop calves for a while.
What age are you, Mick? It doesn't seem like your total volume is excessive by any means. Are you doing a ton of warmups? That could hurt recovery.
For met-sets, there's no need to go all out. 10 reps with a reasonable load should suffice. 15 reps is going to suck more life out of you.

warm up sets are minimal really 1st is approx 50/60% of workload for 5 reps or so then another warm up at 70/75% for 2 or 3 reps and during 5s will add another single rep at 80/85% and for squats and deadlifts may add another 1 or 2 sets of singles depending on how I feel on the day.

Another issue maybe is I do not zig zag, at the end of each cycle I work out a new 1 rm on all exercises and then for the 15's I work at 52.5%, 57.5%, 62.5% & 67.5% of that figure, 10's are 70%, 72.5%, 75% & 77.5% , 5's are 80%, 82.5%, 85% with the final session at 88/89% of the new 1 rm EDIT which means that during the 10s and 5s I am starting at approx 90% of my RM then 93% then 96% then obviously 100% of my RM
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Routine C - 5 reps workout 4 (approx 88/89% of projected 1RM)

Tuesday 17 June 2014 - Session 1 - 6:30pm

Incline Bench 97.5kgs x 5, 3, 2
Landmine Rows 100kgs x 5, 5
BTN Press 65kgs x 5, 5
Hack Squat 105kgs x 5, 5, 5, 5
Standing Calf Raise 100kgs x 23, 17

Met Sets

Incline Bench 72.5kgs x 15
Landmine Rows 75kgs x 15
BTN Press 45kgs x 15
Routine C Summary

All PBs - all felt good tonight despite my whining earlier today about being tired, get a grip Mick. lol !!!!
Decided to mix the training up a bit through the post 5s stage, whereas I was training full body in the morning and repeating again at night I will stick to the A/B/C routines but will train chest, legs and calves AM and train shoulders, back and repeat legs PM - today is supposed to be a rest day but will start a session tonight to accommodate the drinking session tomorrow night for the England game and therefore will not be in a fit state on Friday morning to train.
Routine A - post 5s workout 1 - Session 1

Wednesday 18 June 2014 - 6:00pm

Flat Bench 107.5kgs x 5, 2, 2, 1 / 80kgs x 15
Squat 112.5kgs x 5, 4, 1
Standing Calf Raise 110kgs x 20, 17, 13
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Routine A - post 5s workout 1 - Session 2

Thursday 19 June 2014 - 7:30am

BOR 92.5kgs x 5, 5 / 70kgs x 15
BTN Press 67.5kgs x 4, 4, 2 / 45kgs x 15
Squat - seemed to pull something in lower back during bent over rows and was pulling on warm up set so decided not to push it today no doubt it will f*** up my deadlifts tonight
Don't stress yourself too much, sounds like your body needs the SD and you'll only come back stronger (albeit it probably won't feel like it for your first 1-2 work outs).

Make sure you look after your back over the next few days (plenty of rest) and I'm sure you'll recover soon enough.
All the best with healing up. Hopefully, it's just a small muscular pull rather than anything more serious.
I've tweaked my lower back a number of times now. A few days of rest and self-massage using a couple of hard tennis balls taped together should help.
Place them on the floor and lie on them so that the balls are pressing on the spinal erectors either side of your spine. Roll up and down on them so that there's pressure on the sore area. Use your legs to control how much pressure you allow on your back. It can feel pretty tender for a few minutes but it should start to ease once you get a decent amount of blood flow to the area. I tend to have a go for five minutes or so a few times a day until it eases.
@AderynGlas & @Lol thank you for your comments, back is getting better well I am no longer walking around like an old man so hopefully just a small pull I may start back training tomorrow with just chest and pull ups and see how that goes. I should really be SD ing at this stage but my daughter is due to have corrective back surgery on 22 July so my intention before my minor insignificant injury (compared to what she will be going through) was to keep training in post 5s until the op then SD while she was in hospital recovering (selfish bastard I know)
Return to training today hopefully my back has healed, will be following my A, B, C routine but in the format below that Lol recommended a month or so ago during a cut (albeit a minor cut) - as just done a forced SD will start at around 90% of my current 5/10 RM
I like your routine. I wouldn't mess with it. Once you're in a caloric deficit just keep the loads heavy (as they will be in the 5s).
In fact, what I might do is one session of 10s in the morning and one session of 5s in the evening. A little glycogen depletion in the morning may encourage your body to mobilise some extra fat. The heavy evening session will encourage your body to maintain your lean mass.
Routine A (approx 65% of 1RM)

Saturday 28 June 2014 - Session 1 - 6:30am

Flat Bench 82.5kgs x 10
BOR 70kgs x 10
BTN Press 50kgs x 10
Squat 87.5kgs x 8, 2
Standing Calf Raise 100kgs x 20, 15, 15
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Routine A (approx 90% of 5RM)

Saturday 28 June 2014 - Session 2 - 1:30pm

Flat Bench 97.5kgs x 5, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 (myo reps with 20-30 sec rest)
BOR 82.5kgs x 5, 5
BTN Press 60kgs x 5, 5
Squat 100kgs x 5, 5
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Routine B (approx 65% of 1RM)

Monday 30 June 2014 - Session 1 - 6:15am

Military Press 50kgs x 10
Supinated Chins 85.7kgs (BW plus 0kgs) x 10
Dips 95.7kgs (BW plus 10kgs) x 10
Deadlift 110kgs x 10
Standing Calf Raise 100kgs x 22, 15, 13
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Routine B (approx 90% of 5RM)

Monday 30 June 2014 - Session 2 - 5:45pm

Military Press 60kgs x 5, 5
Supinated Chins 100.7kgs (BW plus 15kgs) x 5, 5
Dips 113.2kgs (BW plus 27.5kgs) x 5, 5
Deadlift 130kgs x 5, 5
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Routine C (approx 65% of 1RM)

Tuesday 01 July 2014 - Session 1 - 6:15am

Incline Bench 72.5kgs x 10
Landmine Rows 75kgs x 10
Landmine Press 50kgs x 10
Hack Squat 80kgs x 10
Standing Calf Raise 100kgs x 23, 16, 11
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Routine C (approx 90% of 5RM)

Tuesday 01 July 2014 - Session 2 - 5:45pm

Incline Bench 87.5kgs x 5, 5
Landmine Rows 90kgs x 5, 5
Landmine Press 57.5kgs x 5, 5
Hack Squat 95kgs x 5, 5