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Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by snain, Dec 20, 2002.

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    Hi, I am from India and I don't have access to all those nice sounding supplements available there in US. I am new to weight training and am planning to start HST after coming back from my vacations in 'The little Lhasa - Dharamshala'. I have been working out for last 2-3 months, and right now I am following a 2 day push-pull split program.
    Coming back to my query. I want you guys to evaluate my post workout meal. It takes me around 15 mins to reach home after my workout. Right after reaching home, I prepare a shake
     500 ml skimmed Milk + 20 gm Whey protein + 5 gm creatine + 30 gms of powdered sugar.
    I have this shake with some 40-50 gms of Whole wheat porridge. what do you guys think of this meal? Shall I add boiled potatoes in it? Shall I reduce sugar?
    Any suggestion will be most appreciated.
  2. Bob Evans

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    Do you have acess to DEXTROSE (a corn sugar) ? That would be better than normal sugar. Or matltose.

    Also in one of Bryan's newletters he said the PRE workout meal is more important. So what you should do is do both a pre and a post workout protien carb fix!

    just some ideas,

  3. Aaron_F

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    Its fine
    Normal sugar is fine as well
    Have some of the drink before training (if the stomach can handle it)
    But not the porridge before hand

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