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  1. LuckyMan

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    For anyone wanting to try Myostat, I would recommend taking it with 25mg of Black Pepper. It greatly increases the bioavailability of many different drugs, vitamins and herbs.
    Check out the link:
  2. BIZ

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    Lucky Man:
    Good read. Very interesting. They say that one cannot induce the same benefits of the Bioperine (brand name) by just eating black pepper. They say for the piperine to get into the digestive tract it would take too long this way and not aide bioavailability. Not sure how true this is being they are promoting their product at the same time?
  3. BIZ

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    Update on myostatin blocker:
    I began using my Myostatin blocker a few weeks ago and of course gains are negligible this early. The reason for the update is that I finally got a response from the manufacturers and they gave me some interesting updates. One, CSP-3 does not get destroyed in digestion like has been suggested, it actually thrives in an acid medium. That is why it is recommended to take it with just 8 oz. of water. That helps lower acidity a bit, but does not lower it too much as would be with milk or food. Also, CSP-3 is in the process of being University tested in humans, and the preliminary results have been promising. It is a long process, so them being published anytime soon is not likely, but I was told to search for the studies periodically to see if they have been released yet.
  4. virtualcyber

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    Wow, so, that 1 in 1000,000,000 is now reduced to perhaps 1 in 1000. I suppose the next questions are (1) even if it survives in the stomach, does it get absorbed ... (2) are the university studies valid?

    Thanks for the update BIZ. Good info. Let us know how it goes.
  5. Aaron_F

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    Just because it 'thrives' in a acidic medium, doesnt mean it will survive digestion

    and you are also getting all the 'facts' from the people who want you to buy some more...
  6. virtualcyber

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    Well, first of all, the more important question is: Is the concept that oral administration of myostatin blockers will help in hypertrophy viable?

    A number of pubmed abstracts indicate that administration of myostatin blockers are likely to help in hypertrophy. So, the concept is not a stupid one.

    The questions are (1) whether CSP-3 will be bioavailable and (2) will it bind to the proper receptors.

    So far, we have only heard rumours. But then again, many supps have started this way. I'd say the chance that CSP-3 will work is no longer that small.

    Also, even if CSP-3 doesn't work, there is pretty good chance something else might.

    I hope it doesn't turn out to be anabolic steroids.
  7. BIZ

    BIZ New Member

    I am going to try and be as objective as possible with CSP-3 and put aside my negative feelings about the way it was advertised and touted. I will definitely let you guys know if I find out anymore. By the way, the person who e-mailed me (initials are TP) said that the stidies being done woulkd have to be reproduced a few times and submitted for review of course, so the chance of us hearing anything within the next 6 months is slim, but I am hopeful we can find out once and for all if CSP-3 can help us push the envelope of size, or not.
  8. virtualcyber

    virtualcyber New Member


    Your planned dosage and duration of the experiment?

    I know, according to Biotest, 1000 mg / day, for minimum of 60 days -- but these seemed to be pulled out of air. Perhaps, you can try to get the latest information (based on the University research) on effective dosage and duration.

    I was thinking about trying Myostat for 5 weeks at _DOUBLE_ the dosage.
  9. Jon Stark

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  10. BIZ

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    I saw that ad on Netrition too. Cannot find the study on Pub Med, my guess is this is the study TP was telling me about and it may be a while before we see it in writing. Of course, it will need to be duplicated.
    As far as my dosage, I am actually taking Cytodyne's version called Myo-Blast CSP-3. I take 1200 mg/day as the bottle says. I recall someone asking if they could take more CSP-3 to increase effectiveness at T-Mag. The T-Mag writer said as far as they had been able to determine increasing dosage may be a waste of money. I am not sure if it is a question of absorption or what?
  11. virtualcyber

    virtualcyber New Member


    Any results?? How long has it been since you started taking it?
  12. BIZ

    BIZ New Member

    So far, nothing spectacular. I have had a few comments that I look bigger, but I have not gained much weight (~3 lbs). The most noticeable difference I have noticed is that I recover faster and I am getting stronger at a point where I did not think I could get much stronger. For instance, when doing 15's my estimted max was 240 for 15 reps this cycle. I was able to do that for 21 reps on my last day of 15's. Maybe a coincidence?? I will update again soon.

    P.S. It may be that Myo-Blast has cortisol blockers in it as well??
  13. virtualcyber

    virtualcyber New Member

    It is intriguing. I can understand how you might exceed your expected rep count at 240 by 2 or 3 on a good day ... but by 6? What makes this interesting is that you are an experienced lifter -- you'd know your limits and how much you'd be lifting at the end of 15's cycle.

    Also, I know that many people here disagree with me ... but, at your level, I think that strength increase is almost always correlated with muscle growth ... even if it is not apparent or visible.

    I have ordered Myostat ... I will be starting on that some time next week.
  14. Ivanko

    Ivanko New Member

    I saw it. The guys doing the study just happen to sell it too. That aint cool. [​IMG]
  15. BIZ

    BIZ New Member

    The problem I have with studies like these is primarily with the presentation. No info on side effects, if any. No info on diet and training schedules. No scientists are cited or referred to in the study. Maybe what they released was an abstract and they are still working on the full text?? [​IMG]

    VC: I hope we are not just throwing our money away here, but I am going to buy another 2 month supply of the stuff myself. If the small gains I have made are due to CSP-3, then I should know by the end of the next bottle if I make some more small gains.
  16. Ivanko

    Ivanko New Member

    I meant the "scientists" who did this study literally sell the raw materials. They aren't a supplement company, they are the ones trying to make money selling CSP-3 to supplement companies. Of course they are going to find that it works, thay have to if they are going to continue to make insane profits from the stuff.
  17. BIZ

    BIZ New Member

    Ahhhh! I was not aware of that. It is not Biotest, but their supplier doing the study? I will wait for an unbiased study before I decide whether I have been ripped off. By then I might be poor! :)
  18. Lil Popa Pump

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    My concern with the product is its effect on muscle that you don't to grow (eg heart, prostate, toungue [yeah, yeah, save the perverted comments], etc.). In the Biotest article, they said this should not be a concern, but, if memory serves me, they did not explain why. Further, I posted this concern on the t-mag board, which was initially posted but later (with about 15min of being posted) pulled.

    The whole scenario did not instill a whole lot of safety confidence in me (assuming it does work, which is, IMO, a very big assumption). Also, I remember reading that Bryan used a myostatin blocker and that he developed some kind of heart issue that subsided after use (irregular beat or something along those lines...try the search if you wanna know about this).

    Like I said in my thread on t-mag before it got pulled (such an upstanding company, I tell you), I will let some of you brave guys be the guinea pigs and see if it is safe and if it works.
  19. virtualcyber

    virtualcyber New Member

    The research showed that myostatin has to do with skeletal muscle but not smooth muscle. I don't remember why ...

    My batch of Myostat just arrived, I will be posting about my experience as a guinea pig.

    Currently, the only supplements I am taking are (1) carao and (2) Myostat and (3) protein, so if I get any result ... it will be likely due to Myostat.

    Basically, if Myostat works as advertised, I should see strength increases "just a tad" faster than what is usual for me.
  20. Firminator

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    I've been keeping an eye on this thread - any new developments?

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