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Discussion in 'Basic Training Principles and Methods' started by Kull, Dec 1, 2003.

  1. Kull

    Kull New Member

    Hello, just found this website a couple of weeks ago, and have been
    reading up on the hst training since then.

    I have looked on the website and in the faq, but can't find
    how you can find what the lightest load can be when you start up training after the SD.

    I imagine it would be best to start up with the lightest possible weight that will stimulate growth in the muscle.
    Use lighter weight than that, and the muscle will not grow,
    and if you use heavier you are not getting as much growth as
    you potentially could? is that right or does it not really
    matter ?

    I guess what i'm really after is a number, In % of your 5 RM or something ?

    Anyways, are showing you a sample of my program so you could tell me if something is wrong here.
    (just picking one exercise)

    Benchpress, Measured 5RM: 85kg, 10RM: 72,5kg (actually 75kg 9rep) 15RM: 60KG
    (Have to admit I made a mistake and only measured 5RM and 10RM, but I assume
    the differce between 10RM and 5RM are about the same as 10RM and 15RM?)

    15's: Day 1: 42,5kg 2: 45kg 3: 47,5kg 4: 50kg 5: 55kg 6: 60kg

    10's: Day 1: 52,5kg 2: 57,5kg 3: 62,5kg 4: 67,5kg 5: 67,5kg 6: 72,5kg

    5's Day 1: 65kg 2: 70kg 3: 75kg 4: 80kg 5: 80kg 6: 85kg

    Guess what I'm really wondering about is if 42,5kg is too light or too heavy
    when my 5RM is 85kg.

    And if the increments look good. Have tried to set it up as is explained here on the site,
    but it's difficult when the RM is so close. I tried to use the HST calculator, but
    then the weights was under my 10RM in the first 3 workouts
    when I start on the 5's feks.

    Have to say this training program/theory looks real promising, and maybe I
    can start to see some real gains now after years of miserable results.

    Well, thanks to anyone who is answering me
    Will start on this program in a couple of days. about 12 days of SD then
  2. mikeh

    mikeh New Member

    Hi Kull and welcome to the forum.

    After your 12 days of SD I think you'll find 42,5kg won't seem all that light.
    using your 15, 10, 5 RM and 5% here's what I came up with:

    15's: Day 1: 47.0 |  49.5 | 52.0 | 54.5 | 57.0 | 60.0
    10's: Day 1: 57.0 | 59.0 | 63.0 | 66.0 | 70.0 | 72.5
    5's: Day 1: 67.0 | 70.5 | 74.0 | 77.5 | 81.5 | 85.5

    and using smaller weights you can also add weight Every Other Workout

    15's: Day 1: 20 | 20 | 22 | 22 | 24.2 | 24.2
    10's: Day 1: 25 | 25 | 27.5 | 27.5 | 30.25 | 30.25
    5's: Day 1: 30 | 30 | 33 | 33 | 36.3 | 36.3

    After a couple of cycles you'll find what works for you.
    Hopoe you get some real gains and good luck with HST
  3. Kull

    Kull New Member

    Thanks mikeh.
    Have adjusted my increments a bit so they are
    close to about 5%.

    Guess I'll just have to try it out and see how it feels,
    then I can adjust the weights in the next cycle if they
    feel too light or too heavy.

    I will probably post my results in the "results with HST"
    thread when I'm finished with the cycle.

    Have bought a ton of food, protein and kreatine today.
    Will start my first workout tomorrow :D
  4. dont forget a nice long sd!
  5. [​IMG]1-->
    It's tough to express as a % of 1RM or 5RM, because training/biology alters the equation per individual.

    It's best to look at in in RM's. At or above your 15RM weight, growth is slowing. At your 20RM weight, growth is minimal. Above your 25RM, growth is negligible.

    Bear in mind that you can still get sore if you do enough reps at these weights, and you may get a temporary size increase from swelling, etc., but you will get little to no muscle fiber growth (unless you were severely deconditioned, as after an injury or coma.)
  6. Blade

    Blade Super Moderator Staff Member

    I think your increment sizes look fine. The load selection might be a bit awkward, though - something like this would be easier (remember that you don't have to hit your RM load on the 6th workout, the load progression is causing the growth).

    10's: Day 1: 50kg 2: 55kg 3: 60kg 4: 65kg 5: 65kg 6: 70kg
  7. Kull

    Kull New Member

    Thanks Blade.
    I will go with your suggestion.
    No reason to complicate things i guess.

    Btw: It was your article on that
    got me started on HST.
    Thanks for spreading the word :)

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