Official List Of Hst Principles

Bryan Haycock

Staff member
There is a lot of discussion about HST Principles on this board without ever explaining exactly what they are. So I thought I would put them here for people to refer to in their discussions. In the future, I will expound on each here in the Basics forum.

1. The body will adapt in a manner specific to the demands placed upon it.

2. The hypertrophic potential of any load is dependent on the condition of the tissue at the time the load is applied.

3. Once the anabolic load-stress stimulus threshold is reached any additional “work” fails to produce significantly greater anabolic effects.

4. The loading stimulus must be applied with sufficient frequency to create a new and consistent environment.

5. A given load-stress (or workout) applied in a consistent manner will produce diminishing returns over time.

6. In order for any load-stress to continue to be effective over time the degree or intensity of the load-stress must be progressively increased.

7. The resistance to further hypertrophy brought on by consistent loading of the tissue can be partially reversed by temporarily removing the loading stimulus.