Ordered first HSN protein supp today

Discussion in 'Anything and Everything about dietary supplements' started by Calkid, Jun 23, 2003.

  1. stevie

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    add the powder to your glass first. Add a SMALL amount of water and stir with a fork so that a paste is formed. After the paste is formed, slowly add a little more water and continue stirring with the fork. Continue adding water bit by bit and stirring until you have added all the water you want. This will give you a beautiful smooth drink without any lumps whatsoever.
    Although it sounds like hassle and like it will take time, it really doesnt. it takes the same amount of time as it would to mix normally. Its simply far more sensible, efficient and gives the smoothest result.
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    I'm Italian and finally the Olympian's post shop has got HSN products in his catalogue.
    Problem is that they are really too much expensive for me,
    primer is sold at 59€ (euros) and driver at 69 € for 1kg tube.
    At that price I cant really afford them.I checked on Bryan's online store and 1 primer bottle is sold at 39$.There's quite a huge difference considering that dollars are quoted lower than euros.
    I think this is not very fair and not the right way to support HSN diffusion here in Italy.What do u think?

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